Sunday, May 06, 2007

Discoveries and What-Evah's....

~ I am SLOWLY incorporating running into my walking routine, and I LOVE it! Mind you, I am just starting out, and proceeding with baby steps, but yep, I love it and can't wait to keep getting better at it!
~ Stuck in a weight loss rut? Scale not budging? I know, I scale hasn't moved in either direction for a few weeks now, so I have started recording my food intake again, and it seems to be helping. Why not try it, and be brutally honest with yourself about recording everything that you eat, because if you're just going to lie to yourself, then don't bother.
~ Along that same vein, I have upped my calorie intake per day, and yes, that seems to be helping, as well. With all of the activity I do in a day, the 850-1000 cals. I was consuming just wasn't enough. So now I am experimenting with 1500-1800; we'll see if that helps.
~ People who love to be miserable and constantly negative SUCK! We can't be Maryfreakin'Poppins 24/7, I KNOW, but come on! Life is too short to always be seeing the glass as half empty!
~ Ever wish that you could shut your brain off for just a little while, and just float along life's waterways like a newly fallen autumn leaf , totally oblivious to everything?
~ There are some things that we are just not meant to comprehend, I truly believe this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry for always being miserable chrissie

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