Friday, April 13, 2007


I have quite a ways to go to reach my goal, and it's for such a good cause, and cancer touches us all(unfortunately), so won't you please donate? Every little bit helps- thanks in advance!!


Long time, no hear from, I know, I know.....but life has been a'callin, and in a demanding fashion, to boot! But here I am, and here is what's news...
* I am sittin'purty at the 60 pounds lost mark, 47 inches lost mark-HOORAY!!!! Aside from a sinus infection, I feel GREAT(!!), and can see a difference when I catch my reflection in a store window or some such reflective device, so aces to me. I have worked hard to achieve where I am thus far, and continue to work hard to become healthier, leaner and stronger.
* My 'puter is having a bout of the shits again( seems to like to jsut shut itself off randomly??), and this makes it difficult to do anything on it that requires any great amount of time( hence another reason for my absence).
*Three weeks ago, I walked the canal, bridge to bridge twice, for a total of 14 miles, my best single shot mileage to date. It was a bitch, I won't lie, but what helped to keep me going was my upcoming Avon walk(PLEASE DONATE!!!!! See the link to my page under the December 2006 link), and seeing quite a few old timers motoring past me seemingly effortlessly.Thing is, I love walking now, and feel incredibly guilty if I miss a day, though if I do miss, I don't get my undies in a bunch over it; I just get back to it the next day.
* My first baby graduates high school in June....where the HELL does the time go??? Oh, and he has been accepted to Bridgewater State-HOORAY for Robert! Keep your fingers crossed that he gets awarded at least a FEW of the 13 scholarships that he's applied for.
* Governor 'Screw Em All' Deval is an ass.
* Howie Carr will be at the Cohasset Stoppie on May 5th for a book signing(read The Brothers Bulger- excellent!), and seeing as that is my store, I will FINALLY get to meet the man! Yay!! I hope that I can score a "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Muffy" bumper sticker, as well!