Sunday, October 29, 2006

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I found this description on YouTube- how utterly appropo

Vir-tu-o-so 1: One who utterly excels in the technique of an art; a highly skilled musical performer 2: Mark Knopfler

Thank You, Red

I became a diehard Celtics fan at the most opportune time- Bird's first season with us, and damn, were they a blast to watch, or what?! McHale, The Chief, Ainge, D.J,even Boom Boom Kite and listening to Johnny Most scratch out the commentary night after night, and looking at old footage of a very young Cousy and Heinsohn, Russell and Cowens, watching on television as the Garden went dark during a blackout, and hearing that familiar squeaksqueak from that old, beautiful parquet floor.....and all of this was thanks to Red. You had to love the guy, and if not love him, then you had to greatly admire his razor sharp business sense coupled with his ability to truly love the players that he recruited and the way he respected the fans who helped to make it all come together, and create history game after game, making Red a legend, but I really don't think that that is what he was after, legend status. I truly believe that he just wanted to produce a winning and entertaining and profitable enterprise, and do what he loved. And damn if he didn't!
Thank you, Mr. Auerbach. May you rest in peace.
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Friday, October 27, 2006


~ I am a jeans and workboots/sneakers kind of gal. I will wear a skirt, occassionally, IF I really HAVE to( with a bitchin' pair of boots, of course!), but I am most happy in jeans and a knit top. I used to try and dress differently, i.e. more dressy, but that's just not me, so why fight it? I don't anymore.
~ I don't, and won't apologize for loving and still listening to my 80's music( got The Jam playing right now). WTF does it matter what decade the music comes from, as long as one enjoys it and derives pleasure from it?
~ I work retail, have for 25 years now, and I no longer disguise my job as a vendor as a 'sales' job or anything other than what it is. Why I was ashamed to admit, that yeah, I work retail, I am a vendor who orders product, and sticks it onto the shelf, wears jeans to work and gets dirty( and a good workout, to boot!)I don't know, but I am so over that, and myself. What's there to be ashamed of? I make good money, have very good hours( home in plenty of time for dinner every day), have terrific friendships with people in the stores that I service, I work independently, only have to attend two meetings per year....I tried to get away from retail a few times, but keep coming back. And I'm glad that I did. Oh, and for those of you (and I know that you're out there) that seem to think that a retail job is basically a tit job, pretty easy stuff?? Do it for a month, then tell me if you feel the same way. Betcha you won't.
~ At this moment, I can honestly say that I have never felt prettier, wittier, stronger and more like myself. Amazing what taking care of yourself and being aware can accomplish.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am...

so friggin' damn happy right now, I could throw up.
and that's not a bad thing.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

If anyone knows where I can find the Vultures t shirt that she wears in this, please, please, please let me know??


My horoscope from last month's issue of Vogue magazine is, surprisingly, coming true. This has NEVER happened before, and to be honest, I never put much stock into horoscopes. I mean, I will read mine, but never, ever with any thought that what was written may actually come to pass, but whaddya know, it is! And yeah, I know, Vogue, how utterly vacuous, but it's a harmless guilty pleasure for me, reading my fashion mags, so if that makes moi a tad vacuous, so be it.
~ My marine/armed forces workmate and I exchange videos; I give him a few I like, and he responds in kind. I just recently lent him Amadeus and Fever Pitch, and am curious to see what I will be receiving tomorrow. But anyhoo, I mention this because he was saying that he recently saw Superman, and oh, I should go see it, I'll love it, etc..but I told him that I absolutely refuse to see it for one reason, and one reason only. In the movie, the Hollywood lefties decided to change the classic Superman line from 'Truth, Justice and the American Way' to......'Truth, Justice and All That Stuff'.All that stuff??? Huh?? Would it have killed those wacked out tree hugging America haters to , oh, I don't know, mention America in a (gasp) positive light?? It may sound like a pretty trivial reason to not see a movie, but it's my perogative, and I am exercising it. So my armed forces friend said(and I'm not quoting) that I , and the country, needs to embrace diversity, and all different cultures, and recognize them and..all that stuff. Hey, I do! No, I am not politically correct, and I will never pretend to be, but I am not a total asshole about diversity and stuff. You all know my stand on immigration; as long as your legal, bienvenue and welcome!And even me, the rightie that I am, knows that diversity is necessary, and good. After all, are we not all immigrants? But it would be SO nice if the Christian perspective could be recognized, embraced, and yes, tolerated. Don't tell me it is, because it isn't.Look at the rape of our holidays, (and I don't have the brain power nor the time, to expound on that at the moment), the coverage that anyone right of center is denied in the press( unless it's negative, of course!).Ugghh, it drives me nuts! So we started to have a spirited and yes, friendly arguement, with it ending by him telling me that he'll MAKE me see the movie! HA!!! Score a point for Christine, 'cause no-one makes me do anything!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

These guys could friggin' ROCK....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy 18th, Robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Robert!!
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Sunday, October 15, 2006

~ I cannot parallel park to save my life. Lord knows how I managed to pass my test way back when.
~ My parent's dog Winnie is the coolest, most bestest dog in the whole world! I took her for a walk in the park this morning, and I tell ya, she was in doggie-sniffin' heaven! She's such a love.
~ YouTube ROCKS!!! She-Bop by Cyndi Lauper, episodes of The Electric Company and Salute Your Shorts, videos by Bow Wow Wow?? I have died and gone to nostalgia heaven!
~ When you walk for exercise, swing your arms up in front of you with elbow's bent. Helps to keep the hands from swelling up.( if that has ever been a problem for you, as it was for me)
~ There's nothing quite like blowing an arrogant driver off the line at a green light with your 5 speed stick, especially when he's giving you that look like he thinks he's all that and a bag of chips, and you'll be eating his exhaust. HA!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


What a beautiful bottom of the ninth, 2 out homer by Ordonez to win it all for the Tigers!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Today's Musical Selections

Why? because I can! And my brain is way too preoccupied for anything of any real substance, so..whatever.

The Metro by Berlin

Why Can't I be You? by The Cure

It Must be Love by Madness

Johhny, Are You Queer? by Josie Cotten

Photograph by Def Leppard

Dream a Little Dream of Me by Mama Cass

Creep by Radiohead

It's a Mistake by Men at Work

Busta Move by Young MC
It was so good to see you today- man, I miss you guys!
and that hug was the best hug I've had in a while-thank you!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

What a great fanfreakintastic day I had today...

and here was the soundtrack to it:

If Want it, Here it Is, Come and Get It by Badfinger

Never Say Never by Romeo Void

Stuck in the Middle with You by Steelers Wheel

Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love( get down tonight!) by K.C. and the Sunshine Band

Laid by James

Cracklin' Rosie by Neil Diamond

Don't Be Cruel by Cheap Trick

Champagne Supernova by Oasis

WonderWall by Oasis

You're No Good by Linda Ronstadt

Mystery Achievement by The Pretenders

Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I love it so very much when the Yankees lose....

Thank you sooooooooooooooo much, Detroit!!!!!!

A sweet win it is, but even sweeter because they seriously shutdown and annihilated those stupid, stupid Yankees!!
Gee, A-Rod, what happened? Looking a little dumbfounded... maybe worried about what's going to go down in the post season?? You should be- what a disappointment to your team you have been lately! I don't think that your fans or the front office will be as forgiving, or accepting , of this post season crash and burn as they have been in the past. LOSERS!!!

Seeing as I have no true horse in this post season race, and considering that I have always liked the Tigers of old( think Kirk Gibson, the way cool Sparky Anderson) and that I think Pudge Rodriguez in probably one of the best catchers around today..
Goooooooooooo, Tigers!!!
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Warriors!! Come out to play-ay!!

GREAT movie- and Chris, from Roche Bros.? If you don't love this movie, then hey, we need to talk..... Posted by Picasa

So besides playing the race card shamelessly..

we now learn that Devoid Patrick defended a rapist, not once, but TWICE, without ever thoroughly looking into the details of the case!!!

Good God in heaven, people of Massachusetts, PLEASE, get the facts on this empty suited Clintonoid before you vote! PLEASE!!!!!

p.s. oh, and regarding Patrick's comments from last night's debate about thinking that the government doings should be transparent? Gee, Devoid, in that case, would you care to enlighten us ordinary folk on your recent meeting with Sal Demasie(sp) and Travaligni? Just how much cash traded hands at that meeting, hmm?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Disgusting..absolutely disgusting

To the Derdarian brothers, Judge (dereliction of duty) Derrigan, the prosecution team,the town of West Warwick, Dan Biechle(sp), Great White(yeah, you, Jack Russell)....

How can you live with yourselves???? Posted by Picasa