Saturday, November 26, 2005

Pet Peeves and Irritations

Yes, the following is petty, and serves no real purpose, if only to relieve my brain of this gunk, so here goes...

~ Suede or leather jackets with fringe; sorry, but to me, it just screams trailer park(trash).
~ That old favorite, people who cannot figure out how to use their directionals while driving. (GRRRRR)
~ The way I interrupt people and insist on finishing their sentences for them.( Yes, I believe that it aggravates me more than you, and I apologise profusely)
~ Platinum or purplish-reddish coloured hair that looks like a California wildfire hazard. Mirrors, ladies!!
~ My insistence on wearing black almost all of the time; this is a habit I wish I could break. I mean, black only HALF of the time would be nice.
~ Why malls do not periodically pump some a/c'd air into the mass of humanity every so often. So many humans= wayyy too hot!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Oh, and before I forget...

Tom Reilly, get your head out of your nether regions and WAKE THE HELL UP!!!! And 400 now = 4,000 later = a chokingly infinite amout.

Very good is....

~ that first scent of balsam fir in the form of Christmas wreaths hitting your every sense in a most welcome, full frontal assault.(I was joyously assaulted yesterday- HEAVEN!)
~ knowing that the entire family will be together for Thanksgiving, and having the feeling of being truly, deeply, down to the bottom of your soul thankful, a thankfulness in it's purest form.
~ not having to totally spazz out over how to afford Christmas this year!
~ having friends who don't mind, and don't become angry if you suddenly have to cut a phone convo short.
~ watching my 1 year old niece motor around the living room like a seasoned pro.( Anna is too cool!)
~ watching said 1 year old niece's sister and my daughter get on like best pals.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Long time, no see, huh? Well, the home 'puter decided to take yet ANOTHER dive, and as Christmas is a mere 49 days away, it won't be getting fixed anytime soon, so I am once again relegated to using the computers at the Whitman Town Library once or twice a week. Don't get me wrong; the library has nice computers, state of the art, brand new Dell's, and I am most grateful for their presence. That being said, though, I do miss the ability to be able to jump online and babble at will. Hopefully the 'puter problem isn't too severe; if so, then I will have to get a new one, probably the WalMart HP-in-a-box special. At this point, I jsut want a damn computer that WORKS!!
Anyhoo, here are some randoms for ya( moreso for me), and I'll catch you on the Wednesday of next side of things!
~ there was an interesting article in the Emptyprise regarding the 'price wars' between Diamond Fuels and Prime in Whitman. One station owner I guess didn't want to think of the competition between the two stations as a price war, as if that has a bad connotation. I don't see it that way; hell, if it brings customers in, then call it a price war! Keep the consumer on the edge of their seat regarding what the price will be next, and let the publicity and word of mouth create even more business!(oh, by the by, the price of gas at both stations has gone back to $2.09 p/g, up from the unprecedented $1.95 that it was at for an oh-so -brief time a few days back.)
~ I got a dose of happy again today; thanks, Mike(!), and remember, Mike is a dork, but you aren't.
~ I have been trying to write in my journal again, as I am sans computer, and I am progressing along alright; it just feels weird to handwrite things out, and as my handwriting really bites, it is most times barely legible. But sticking to it, I am, with the hopes of filling up a blank book or two, and improving the handwriting, as well.
~ I am sooooooooooooo psyched for Christmas this year!! Can't quite put my finger on exactly why, but that is irrelevant; I am in the spirit, and can that be all that bad? I think not!