Thursday, March 31, 2005

5, count 'em 5 more days!!!

Can you smell that heady scent that is wafting it's way northward through the dreary March air? You know what I mean;that satisfying aroma of well- worn leather mixed with the intoxicating perfume of new dirt and well manicured , oh so green grass? Can you hear the sweet distant sounds of well calibrated wood kissing leather a hard goodbye,the sounds of cheers and jeers from a discerning, but appreciative crowd;can you hear that one lone voice that always seems to rise in drunken indignation above all others at just the quietest time? Can you feel your blood pump a little bit faster as you tick the days till your hometown heroes come home off of your calendar with the same relish that you discard your winter coat on a balmy 50 degree Boston day?
If you can experience all of this, then you are a true baseball fan, a connoisseur of the game in it's purest form, and a lover of that magical spring rebirth that occurs whether the weather decides to bloom in time with Opening Day or not.
Steroid takers be damned! I can put my true feelings about Bonds, et al aside for now, (and lucky for you, I will not wax philosophic on the subject), because in 5, count 'em 5 short days, that beautiful first pitch of the 2005 baseball season will leave the memories of a baseball-less, dreary winter in it's wake, and all , if only for a short time, will be right with the world.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Come on..Admit it!

Ok, we all(or if not all, then a good chunk of the population) sings along to their fave tunes in the car, yes? I mean, can't it be rather therapeutic and cathartic to belt out (insert your fave song here)with the scenery and the rest of the world,for that matter, whizzing by? Come on, you can admit it; it's ok! In fact, we've probably spotted one another using the dashboard as a drum kit and the steering wheel as a guitar, with our mouths wide open, letting that last, lingering, gut wrenching note thrust out.... it's a beautiful thing, really.
So I was doing some serious singing today. The ride to work began on a wicked high note with Jet blaring out of my speakers; LOVE their sound..raw enough to get the blood really pumping, but not so raw that it only warrants an occasional listen.That and my cup of coffee in my bitchin' WaWa travel mug got me off to a great start. As I travelled from store to store over the course of the day, my musical choices ranged from Adam and the Ants'Kings of the Wild Frontier to Blondie's Parallel Lines, both choices helping to keep me revved up, while satisfying my need to really stretch the old vocal chords. Not an ounce of embarrassment do I feel while emoting to the nth degree in my own personal, rolling recording studio! None at all.
As the day wound down, inevitably, so did I. Craving something less frenetic to put a period on my workday, I slid my Dire Straits' Making Movies cd into the player, relaxed my back muscles, and let the completely mesmerising guitar of Mark Knopfler and the band playing Tunnel of Love carry me home. (Note: for a great chance to play some serious steering wheel air guitar, NOTHING beats this song, nor anything Knopfler plays, for that matter.)
So, now that my dirty little car singing secrets are out, what do YOU like to sing along to, play along to while driving? Don't be shy; anything said here will , of course, be kept in the strictest of confidence,and no dissing will be done, I promise. Gotta love that internet anonymity! =)

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

...and to all a great day!

Friday, March 25, 2005

A very short aside to Bobby Fischer

Curtains are hung..
People are hanged.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Untitled Confusion(work in progress)

shut you out
leave you cold
to the anger
never told.
leave you hanging
wondering why
to the pain,
they harbour
was it you
what did,
you say?
you did
or didn't do?
the other cheek

but leave you ,
with an empty face,
in a broken frame
can you go back
when it's clear
that it's not,
the same?
toss it away
with a casual
True friends,
Chrissie 03.23.05

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Is it wrong..

to feel guilty about banging out sick to work?
I was just pondering that, as I sit here doing a little surfing. I have the time to surf today, as I did that very thing.. I'm feeling pretty blah, and just was not up to the work thing today, so here I sit. And here I sit feeling a bit guilty.
I shouldn't- I DO feel pretty crappy, I rarely call out sick, I'm not a slacker at work, I don't feel as I have any bad work habits that may be exposed by another due to my not working my own why on earth do I feel bad about calling out?
Perhaps that feeling is natural in the young, as they are just starting out in the workforce, and aren't as time tested and jaded as their elders, and they fear retribution, or worse.And maybe that feeling is more prominent in those who tend to abuse the system, and when they really DO get sick, feel a sense of guilt for all of the times that they screwed their boss and co-workers before? Perhaps, it is some deep-seeded psychological psychobabble thing going on that I need to get in touch with, explore, define and conquer??...
or maybe it is just ME, being overworried and paranoid about absolutley NOTHING. Ya think?? I do...
So there. I actually feel better now, relieved. And now, I am off to revel in my feeling blah-ness with a cup of Billy Tea and some really bad television.
(and no, I am NOT going the psychobabble route!)

Monday, March 21, 2005

Where'd THIS come from??

So, I wake up this morning feeling not bad, just the usual, 'Crap, it's Monday, WAHHHHH' feeling, and by midday, my throat is 4:00p.m.(thankfully day's end), I feel as if I have been hit in numerous spots by a wrecking ball..and now, at 6:24 p.m. I am headed to bed.Sheesh! PLEASE, do NOT let this be the flu!! I have NO TIME for the flu!
Keeping every digit crossed that I will awaken tomorrow morning feeling so wicked good, it will be borderline scary!

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Sunday has dawned beautifully this 20th day of March, 2005. Here in the weather-fickle Northeast it is a balmy 29 degrees, with a promise of the mid forties to come around mid-day; YAY! I am a winter person, honest, but I have HAD IT with snow and cold this year! Perhaps my displeasure with my favorite of seasons and my ability to cope with it as I once did comes with the onslaught of gained maturity(note I didn't say age!)but enough is enough! Slippery, dangerous driving, slush, brown ick caked on windshields with no washer fluid...yes, I know that far worse fates could befall me than to have to suffer through a normal New England winter and all the crap that comes with it, but this is thankfully, my only bitch for the moment. Isn't it cool when a grateful good can be harvested from what is bad, or only perceived to be bad?
Lucky, am I,then.
Re: The Red Sox-
*all I will say at this time is that besides being beyond overjoyed that the Sox won the World Series in MY lifetime, I am SO glad that my kids were able to witness, enjoy and watch the whole series, too. I mean, how wicked cool is THAT??

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Warrior(in honour of W.Tecumseh Sherman)

by the sea
unearthly breathing
whispers wisdom,
to me
from the chasm of a past
I can only see,
'tween the covers
that spell
you clearly.
Black and white,
in crimson framed
(you are a beauty,
all encompassed).
Marching man,
has my attention
though eye to eye,
not meant
to be
you will show
genius draped,
in raw humanity
flawed vagabond
if I could be
backwards motion to your
present tense
if only in
rapt observation
I could..
turn the page
to me.
Chrissie 02.06.05


New to this, just playing. Bear with me, more to come!