Sunday, July 31, 2005

I received Queen's Greatest Hits Platinum Collection and A Night at the Opera for my birthday, and have been listening to them almost non stop while driving to work, when not indulging in my passion for talk radio. Nothing can compare to not only Freddie Mercury's voice, but the way they ALL sounded together. The operatic synchronicity they created, and the way that Roger Taylor hit those high notes? Just WOW. It's a damn shame that Freddie had to leave this earth far too early.
And, no, to be fair I haven't heard Queen with Paul Rodgers yet, but....I just can't do it. For me, it's just not right. I mean, I like the song All Right Now that he did with Free, and he has a good voice( though Radioactive with The Firm really stunk) ...but nope, he and Queen together just isn't working for me.
~ terrific Queen tunes? Fat Bottom Girls and "39", to name only two.
Imagination or stagnation?
An Adventure
A standstill in the mire?
Will you
By your own hand,
To explore,
Or accept the
Pre-imposed, misleading
Chrissie 3/23/03

Hobart's Pond- in the background, obscured by the trees is the boulevard and cemetery. Posted by Picasa

Whitman Interestings

~ not only is the Toll House the birthplace of the chocolate chip cookie, it also was a part of my family. My brother was a chef there. I was, briefly, a coat check girl.( made $11.00 in tips one night! BIG stuff for 1978!) And my sister's first wedding took place there( and it is also where I had my first, second, third....taste of a Pearl Harbor!)
~ there is a very cool museum( officially known as the Whitman Historical Society and Museum) pertaining to all things Whitman located in the Bostonian Shoe building, and it's definitely worth a look see!
~ Colebrook Cemetery is a great place for a walk, ecpecially in the fall when the leaves are turning. It sits across from the old East Junor High/Holt School,and abuts Hobart's Pond. It's tree lined paths and small undulating hills make for the perfect place for an after dinner walk, or a place to go when you just need to clear your head. Plus, it is fascinating to read some of the really old headstones, and wonder at the lives they are eulogising, how did they live, and what did Whitman look like say, hundreds of years ago?
~ the Bully. It is a street, if you will, that runs along Hobart's Pond, and starts on Essex street and ends at the old Regal Shoe Factory on South Ave. Once a place known as a hangout for illicit/illegal doings in the 70's and early 80's, it is now closed off to cars, and therefore another pick of mine for places to enjoy a good walk. It is also a favorite fishing spot in town, ( go to Sam's Bait Shop for your bait) and little kids will get a kick out of seeing the turtles bobbing their heads in and out of the water.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hey, Manny?

You're unhappy? Feel that you have no privacy? Want a trade? Know what I have to say?
Yeah, yeah, I know, he's the great Manny, and a damn good player he is; I will never take away how good he is, or how much he has added to the Sox. Part of me would hate to see him go. But ,I am so sick and tired of this ego garbage, and of celebrities whining and crying because they are in the limelight. Duh, Manny, what do you expect, especially when you yourself INVITE a fair share of the exposure?!
I felt the same way when Roger left, and when Pedro left; hey, you're not happy, then buh-bye. And I remember all the teeth gnashing that went on, the 'Oh, how will we EVER get by? We can't do ANYTHING without Roger/Pedro! WAHHHHHH!' Well, newsflash- we did just fine without Roger, and IMHO, are doing just fine without Pedro; because baseball is a team sport, and regardless of what Roger, Pedro and Manny contributed to the team SKILLS wise, their over inflated egos and self - centeredness (Pedros many spur of the moment trips home, for example) greatly detracted from the team, though you may be hard pressed for anyone in the organisation to admit as much. Case in point; Francona should have demanded that Manny play for Trot, no ifs, ands , buts or 'I'm Tireds'. That was a classless thing for Manny to do, his refusal to help the team when they really needed him to.
Right now Manny's playing with a double edged sword as far as the media and his privacy issues go, and in the process, he is starting to really alienate ALOT of fans. That's a shame, because though we here in Boston may be some of the toughest fans around, we are also among the most loyal and appreciative. So careful what you wish for Manny, and if you are really THAT unhappy here, and want to go? Well, then, you know what you can do about that door on your way out.

Friday, July 29, 2005


~Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.- General George Patton Jr
~That old man...had my division massacred. - George Pickett said these words to John S. Mosby shortly after paying Lee a visit in Richmond
~Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever. Napoleon Bonaparte
~You can`t hit what you can`t see.-Walter Johnson

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Poor Sportsmanship DEFINED

Let me start by saying that the following is not based on bias. My 13 year old son Edward has umped close to 20 games this season for Whitman, and has never had a complaint filed against him, nor had coaches or parents from visiting teams rudely question his calls. He has close calls, like any umpire does, be it the majors, minors or little league; that being said, of course some of his calls have come into question by both the Whitman team, and others. It's the nature of the beast, and is taken as such, and games have progressedafterwards without incident.
Until this evening. Good sportsmanship, and plain straight decency were completely trampled on by the Randolph 10B All Stars, more specifically the coaches and parents. What was witnessed at this game was appalling; adults loudly and rudely jawing at the ump, questioning pretty much every single call, yelling and snickering after called outs and strikes, going at it with the Whitman coaches and aiming the most disgusting of behaviour at a 13 year old kid, who was just doing his job. I cringe to think of how the worst of the Randolph adults in attendance tonight react behind the wheel of a car; it's a scary thought. I was even stared down by one of the Randolph 'ladies' (and I use the term VERY loosely) as she was leaving the Conley School parking lot, as if daring me to go at it with her. In fact,after the game had to be called in the fourth because of Randolph, I walked over to console my son, and two women in particular were still mouthing off. I then started towards the pitcher's mound, ( not a good move, I know, but I DID stop there) and the same two 'ladies' starting giving me grief, gesturing for me to come on over, and go at it, have a go... who knows. Instinct was telling me to defend my kid with all I had, but better sense and judgement told me that winding up arrested for disorderly conduct or assault was not worth it, and more importantly, NOT what I wanted to teach the kids there. So I turned and went back; I figured that the kids from BOTH teams witnessed enough poor behaviour to last a lifetime, that they didn't need to see any more garbage coming from adults. Actually I feel sorry for the kids on the Randolph team. If this is the way that those adults and coaches act at every game, especially games where they are losing, then they are really screwing those kids up royally. You hear about this kind of stuff going on far too often, but it never really sinks in as to how bad it is until you have to witness it yourself. I am still so angry and disturbed, but I figured blogging was a better outlet, and hey, when I get up and face myself in the mirror tomorrow morning, I will be secure in the knowledge that I , my son, and the Whitman team and fans took the high road.
Lastly, thanks to all who were there for my son; you were great, and we both so appreciate the support and caring.

Got a really cool compliment today.. I was mistaken for thirty-something! NICE!!! (and thanks!) Posted by Picasa
The Shops at the Pru

sitting cross legged
on city cement
it's cool, caressing summer legs
skin bristling,
in the air conditioned breeze
feeling goose bumps blaze trails
on arms, beige and bare
watching, quietly...

as she hurries by
with a confident gait
polished nails tipping
graceful hands clutching the
weight, of the world
in her shiny leather case
calves shaped and chiseled
from years of heels
and I wonder,
what it's like, to be her?
have her life,
be the legs in the heels
that click with authority,
be the owner of the secrets
in that shiny leather case,
possess her sheen
know the happiness that her power,
Why can't I, be her?

but maybe, she wonders
as she passes and steals a glance
‘Why can't I, be
the girl in the cutoffs
and the tank top with
the tousled, carefree upsweep
to her hair
sitting, watching, no particular place
to be, does she?’

Our eyes catch, for a second
and then smile;
happy to be, she and me.

And I lean back and
tilt my face to the warmth of
the rays of an
atrium sun
and I wonder, knowingly
I close my eyes
and breathe, deep.
Chrissie 1/26/03

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Read the article; for me, it's a kind of 'CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR' scenario, in a way....but still a necessity, and good news just the same.


It's so cool to see traditions forming with my kids, and the way they embrace them, even without knowing that they are doing so.

Take the town pool, for instance. I took swimming lessons there, and all three of my kids have completed their lessons there, as well. My youngest, Christine Noel, has been on the swim team for the last three years, and loves it.I am hoping that she will go on to lifeguard there as well, as she really is a very good swimmer, and is such a fish! We buy the $25.- family pool pass every summer at the Town Hall, and she really gets our money's worth out of it! The boys like the pool and go as well, if not as much as she does. No matter how often they do or don't go, they all seem to have a real affection for it, as I do. It was a part of my childhood, and now theirs, too, and that is something that will stay with them for a long time to come, the memories it has created. Who knows, maybe my kids will be taking their kids to swimming lessons in the (hopefully) not too soon future? Time will tell.

Going to Cape Cod for vacation every year since 1992, specifically The EvenTide Motel and Cottages in Wellfleet is a Brewer kids tradition whose meaning I never realised was so strong until this year, when we were unable to go due to a job change for me that prevented a summer vaca from happening. When I told the kids that we wouldn't be able to go, they were crushed, even the oldest, which really floored me! I figured that at 16, he probably wouldn't want to go anyways, would have his own things to do with his friends, etc. It made me feel as if I had let them down, and that fact bummed me out, but on the other hand it made me feel good to know that those family vacations truly mean something, and that they have made a lasting, positive impression on my kids, that family time really isn't so bad, and perhaps even looked forward to. Imagine that!

This memorial in WhitmanTown Park is dedicated to the men and women who have lost their lives in the Iraq War, and it is comprised of over 1400 baseballs, each with the fallen soldiers name on them. I will refrain from proselytizing on the war, as I don't want to go there with this. I would just like to thank Christopher Johnson for coming up with and continuing this wonderful idea, and also thank those that have served, and do so now.
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RE: Last night's Sox game

Thank God that Matt Clement is, that was scary.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Decorum( or the lack thereof)

In case you didn't hear, there was a recent flap( no pun intended!) that arose when the Women's Nat'l Champion Lacrosse Team was invited to the White House to meet the president and have a photo taken, and some of the women decided to wear flip flops for the occassion. Granted, there were only a few of them, but to me, a few is too many. The White House is no place for flip flops, or any ultra casual attire, unless the president is throwing a ' dress down Friday' type of affair, and casual is called for. Some have said that the flip flop incident is being blown way out of proportion, that it was no big deal, and besides, some of those flip flops were really pretty, and may have been expensive to boot! So what? The price of the flop, or it's prettines is irrelevent; certain times call for certain dress, and when meeting the president(whether you like him or not), you should dress according to the occassion and the office. One woman defended her choice of flip flops, stating that she wanted to be comfortable; sorry, but that doesn't fly. There are plenty of dressier shoes that are comfortable, and besides, she was having a photo taken, not running a marathon, or playing a game of Lacrosse on the lawn. Please.
Yes, I know that there are more pressing issues in the world to worry about these days, but how good can it be overall if we keep excusing a lack of basic manners and decorum because these actions are seemingly inconsequential? Isn't one of the foundations for a good society the teaching of the 'liitle' things, the teaching of manners, respect for a person's office and position, the doing of the right thing even if we have to endure perhaps a brief bit of slight discomfort to achieve it? Is it so wrong to take the time to teach children ( or anyone, for that matter, as we are never to old to learn) that gym shorts and belly shirts aren't acceptable for court or job interviews, that you answer with a Yes or No, not a Yup or Nope when being adressed by an authority figure or one who , by virtue of his/her postion commands respect, and that you simply show basic respect, even if you may not agree with the person to whom you are giving it to?
Are these things really so hard to teach and achieve, or have we just become too apathetic?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Favorite Walks

~ the Norris Reservation in Norwell. It is an easy two mile walk through peaceful woods that sits beside the North River, and though it is accessible year round, imho I would avoid it in the summer months; too buggy! It is also known affectionately by the Brewer kids as the circle place, as what looks to be an old millers wheel graces a clearing near the beginning of the walk, and the wheel, or circle, is a fave spot for kids to play on.
~ the jetty at the Scituate Lighthouse in, yep, you guessed it, Scituate! This is a very cool walk, and provides a good , but easy workout for the legs to go along with the beautiful ocean views. Though it is good for the kiddies to get out and enjoy the jetty, I would not recommend bringing really small or young kids, unless you plan on carrying them. The rock placement is naturally haphazard, and a bit too dangerous for non-skilled little feet to maneuver, but for the older and more agile, enjoy!
~ Powder Point Bridge at Duxbury Beach. Not exactly sure the length of the bridge, but it is a beauty, wooden and creaky(but safe!) ,and a walk across it at sunset with the wonderful scent of the ocean wafting towards you on a slight breeze is nothing shy of heavenly. Evening is also a good time to catch sight of four- wheelers returning from Saquish, their headlights forming a conga line in the distance , and people leisurely fishing off of the bridge. Whether you decide to cross the bridge and walk the beach , or just do the length of it and turn around, it is a must do in any season.
~ the Cape Cod Canal . I usually access this by heading south on route 3 and then heading towards Falmouth from the rotary. Off to the left just a few minutes ride from the rotary you will find the parking areas for the canal walk.Park the car, walk down a minimal amount of steps, and you will find yourself on one of the service roads that line both sides of the canal, and serve as biking and walking paths that follow the canal for seven miles on each side. This is a good place to get in either a nice brisk walk, or a leisurely stroll; whichever you choose to do, nothing beats the smell of the ocean to make one feel rejuvenated!


flies of butter
can make,
my mind stutter
at the sight
of your smile,
when the mood,
hits me right
and I'm
away carried
it's like
nary, a care
when I catch
your stare
lightly tossed
so coolly,
I almost,
can't stand it
fingers hiding,
tightly crossed.
Chrissie 07.22-24.05
Lost and Found

should, come easy
the thoughts, should flow
through the lines in
blue, black trails,
testament, devotional
a plea, for love
a dream wrapped in coy parentheses
that flirt from the pen to the
eye, wide
an inspirational, a confessional,
an ocean...

I open, my mouth
an the ink spills forth
in long, drawn out sighs
impatiently marking the page
faint, dying, condensations..

points, beleaguered
processes, forced
flowery phrases,
leave me cold
feeling jaded, from trying
am I lost?
is the well, barren stone
or is it just that
the Effort, impedes
the Emotion?

it gone?
can it be, recovered?
if I would simply
I would discover,
that there it is,
just did it.
Chrissie 12/29/02

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Brockton Rox ROCK!( and so does the Romm diamond guy)

Have you ever taken in a Brockton Rox game at Campanelli Stadium in Brockton? If not, then get thyself to a game, posthaste! If you are asking yourself just why you should go, here are a few good reasons.

The home of the Rox, Campanelli Stadium, is fairly small(capacity 4750), not only extremely kid friendly but everyone friendly, easy to navigate with comfortable seating, and it's size makes for a good view of the game from almost anywhere. Tickets are a veritable STEAL , ranging in price form 4-8 dollars; yes, that's right, 4-8 dollars! While the selection of food is typical for a ballpark(would you want it any other way anyways?), the prices are definitely not typical of Fenway. With food and drinks and a souvenir or two included, a family of five can have a great time at the ballpark for under $65.00, easy. Skip the souvenirs, and you can realistically do Campanelli Stadium for 40-45.00. Oh, and a unique and very cool feature that can be found only at Campanelli is the Rox A Bye Baby Suite, a place where parents can change and/or feed baby away from the noise and excitement of the game. Admission to the suite is free, and all it takes to partake of this parental godsend is pass; that simple. Not a bad idea, huh?

Independent league ball provides things that the majors just can't; baseball in a purer form. In this league( or the Can-Am league that the Rox belong to , to be exact), there are no humongous salaries,nor just as huge egos to match. When watching the Rox, like with any major league team,you can sense the players love of the game, and their desire to play; but knowing that that desire doesn't hinge on whether or not they make it to the show, or how many extras are in their contract seems to make the game that much more enjoyable for the fans. There are a few players who have had their day in the majors and minors,(Oil Can Boyd, for one) but most have had neither; for whatever reason, they couldn't make either league. But regardless of where they were or weren't before, they are there to make the fans happy, play ball, and have fun. And they sign ALOT of autographs, and never seem to mind doing so. Don't misunderstand; I LOVE the Sox, and am a huge baseball fan, in general. I truly love the game. But sometimes those aforementioned salaries and egos can get in the way of the game itself, and a trip to see some good independent ball seems to clear those jaded webs from the mind, and set one straight.

And lastly,Brockton Rox baseball is good ball, and fun. Whether the fans are being entertained by K-O, the goofy kangaroo Rox mascot, between- innings kid oriented fare,( the belly bucking Sumo wrestlers are a blast!) or simply the game itself, one would be hard pressed to be bored at a Rox game, even if they are losing. You can't! It really is too much fun! Go and see for yourself; I guarantee you WON'T be disappointed!

Oh, so why does the Romm diamond guy( aka Alexander Rysman) rock, too? Well, it seems he was spotted by my kids at the game against the Tornadoes on Thursday, and one kid said in a daring type fashion,"Hey, there's the Romm diamond guy! We should get his autograph." Whether he was serious or not, that fact was lost on my daughter, Christine, who proceeded to march right over to Mr. Rysman, introduce herself, and ask for his autograph! And an autograph, he gave! And I have to say that he was most gracious and nice about the whole thing; I mean, I think most of us are aware of how chatty a 10 year old girl can be! But he talked with her for a good 15 minutes or so, and never once seemd aggravated or annoyed; so I wish to personally thank Mr. Rysman, the Romm diamond guy, for being so patient and kind towards my daughter. It is most appreciated, and gave a good renewal in faith moment in humankind, as well.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

What Not's

~ I love baby feet, baby toes. I am not a foot person by any stretch, but the ones that babies sport are just too cool.
~ did Whitman Hanson High School, the former building itself, reside more in Whitman or Hanson?(this was a big debate over the years) How about the new high school? To me, it always seemd to be more in Whitman, and that's NOT a biased opine.
~ some people have a smile that just lights up their whole being, that is so infectious, you can't help smiling yourself. I was lucky enough to see one of those at work today.
~ it's cool the way the relationships between myself and my sisters has changed and grown over the years. Through good and bad and indifference and all else, I am still close to all three, maybe on differing levels, but still close just the same. It's quite fascinating, when I give myself the chance to really stop and think about it.
~ as you can probably guess by now, I can be quite introspective, maybe too much for some tastes. But, a good reflective spell helps unclutter my mind, even if it is only to make room for more stuff later on. Oh, well! Keeps me outta trouble, and to each his own, yes?
2001 Steps
I'm cool
I'm a geek.
I'm pretty, I don't

to the
ideal of..
I'm smart
I'm vacant
I'm shy, I am
in your face
I'm vulnerable,
I'm tough.
I'm sexy
I'm invisible
I am refined, I am
around the edges.
I'm confident
I'm trembling
I'm sweet
I'm a bitch
I'm obvious
I'm a mystery
I crave love,
I need none.
I don't care
I need approval
I'm an American
I bleed,
the world.
I am ordinary,I am
like nothing,
you have ever seen.
I'm your comfort
I'm your fear
I am a part,
of the whole I am your
cracked mirror reflection
I am what you see
and what you are afraid to see
I could be you,
I am
Chrissie 6/01

Back to the Top

In Appreciation of(what I see when I hear Promenade by U2)

see the stars
flashing by
against an ink black sky
that drapes over dawn, lightly
my dream drenched,
lazy eyes
towards the mid morning sun
Iam feeling
so Picasso
lying in pieces in the grass
with the world spinning by
colour change, seasonal time
nature falling, over me
effervescence covers,
lighter than air
as if drugged
You are...
liquid guitar notes in
half-tone meanderings, upward
in standstill waves
along my whole, end me
in rapture
close my eyes,
to kiss.
Christine Brewer ‘03

Congrats to my son, Robert, for making High Honors at Whitman Hanson!!! Posted by Picasa

The Interview...

that Rob had last night seemed to go very well! Still got it all crossed? Good!!
and thanks =)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Go there to find out any and all things Red Sox, and yes, we are still in first place, by only the slightest of threads, but still on top...WHEW!
And bravissimo to Schilling for the save, and to Cora for that totally bitchin' catch of his in the fifth inning, and subsequent throw out to first! Makes up for that at bat the other night against the Crankees , yes? Yes!

Brockton Rememberances

I am a proud graduate of Cardinal Spellman High, Class of '82 and worked in Brockton at the East side Shaw's( both the old and new one) from '82-'87, and therefore had alot of friends who lived in Brockton. That being said, I did ALOT of hanging out in Brockton in my late teens and early twenties, and had a blast!

Though I worked in the East side, I tended to roam throughout the whole city, whether it was catching a movie at the Skyview Drive-In, watching the submarine races at D.W. at night,(!) shoe shopping at Fayva's ,or stocking up on albums and 45's(yes, 45's!) at Check It Out.
Cruising for the sake of just hanging with friends and blasting tunes seems kind of, a waste of time or silly now, but back in '82 and '83, it was the thing to do,and some of my best cruising was done with my pal M.R., listening to GrandMaster Flash and the Furious Five and the SugarHill Gang, getting Burger King late at night, or crashing for a while at Bickford's.

Then there were the parties that were held at my parents house when they were gone on vacation. I swear, almost all of the old east Brockton Shaw's , and their friends could be found at my house! No damage was done to the house, and as far as I can recall, no visits by the police were necessary. I did manage to totally tick off my oldest sister at my last party ever, when I left the house a DISASTER area for her to clean so that I could make a 3 a.m. drive to Storrs, Ct. to see Adam Ant.(I am really sorry, Kathy!) Myself and my friends got into so much trouble for that party!(sorry, Mom and Dad) I believe that that was when I had to start paying board,and though I wasn't crazy about that idea, belive me, I knew that I deserved it.Looking back, what a little sh*** I was for having those parties, and putting my sis in a spot like I did. ( and if you guys are reading this, oh children of mine, don't get any ideas! Being the professional party giver that I was, I am wise to more than you think!)

Going to Spellman was a great experience. I am not Catholic, but it never really mattered, and I never felt any pressure. I received a top notch education, and really have nothing but good, good memories of my time there.And funny thing, I work with two classmates now; we talk more now than we ever did in school! It's cool- what a trip! And Mom and Dad? Don't ever feel that your hard earned money may have been wasted because I am only now earning my associate's ,and starting to bloom, and find my 'path', if you will. Sometimes it just takes longer for some than for others, but that should never lessen the experience itself, nor the end result. And what is that end result? I don't know yet, but there are some pretty cool things happening on the way, don't you think? Besides, I know my parents are proud of me; I have a wonderful family, a good job, a 4.0 GPA, ( I am so proud of that!) and more importantly, for the most part, I feel that I am a good person, and happy.

Lastly, good times were had by me as a wee one in Brockton shopping with my Mom at Mammoth Mart, ( remember THAT one?) Zayre's or Bradlees. I still have a small collection of Peanuts books that she bought for me , with the Bradlees sticker still on them. I treat them like gold. I don't get to Brockton much anymore, because I really have no need to, but man, I really had some good times there, times I 'm sure that I won't easily forget, nor do I want to.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cross those fingers!!!

because my oldest has his first job interview tomorrow!! I think that I'm more excited than he is!! Hopefully, he'll know tomorrow; keep it all crossed, ok??

For some reason...

my profile info and archives are at the bottom of the page now, instead of the top, and as I have yet to figure out how to get them back to where they were...I thought I'd just let you know where they are. So there. =)

Monday, July 18, 2005

See Christy Run??

I first learned about Christy Mihos, and his fight against the evil empire known as Jane Swift by listening to WRKO , where he has been a guest on both the Howie Carr Show, and Blute and Scotto in the morning. Christy is one cool, smart, savvy, gutsy guy. He has my utmost admiration for standing up to the former govenor as he did; to find out more about him, and his brouha-ha with Swifty in particular, go to
Also in the article, it is stated that he may be getting ready to take on John Kerry for the Senate seat in 2008. Please Christy, DO IT!! You are exactly what we need to be well represented in the Senate, and to help bring some much needed credibility back to the office. I pledge here and now to support and help you any way I can if you do decide to run, so please, I really do hope that you will seriously consider it, and then... do it!

Whitman Town Hall Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Before and Afters

While I have waxed nostalgic on the what was before's of Whitman, it's not to say that there is a lack of things here now to keep people from visiting, and/or staying.
Whitman still sports a vibrant downtown area, with enough choices to satisfy various shopping tastes. For a quick coffee for the road, or one to linger over while enjoying good conversation or reading, there are three, no less, places downtown to choose from in the form of Dunkin Donuts, Center Ice and MaryLou's News. I have to say that I haven't been to MaryLou's yet, but this particular Dunkins has the BEST service , and makes the best coffee! I have yet to walk away from their dissatisfied with my large iced whatever flavour. And Center Ice offers an excellent, affordable array of sandwiches and soups to enjoy while sitting at an eclectic array of tables and chairs where you can watch the town go by through the large, unobstructed window. Supreme( I believe where the former Sally's Dress Shop once was) seems to be THE choice for subs and pizza( it's a definite fave with my two sons) among the young crowd, though I am informed by son #1 that it is popular with ALL ages. Duval's has been the cornerstone(literally, as it sits on the corner of South Ave and Washington) of Whitman Center for as long as I can remember. I recommend it highly; extremely friendly service, and good selection without the small store prices. And, they made the unprecedented and very cool decision a few years back to stop selling cigarettes; hallelujah! I guess they figured that it was a bit hypocritical for a pharmacy to be selling something that will most likely kill you. Good for them, and it hasn't seemed to hurt business at all. Need to stock up on makeup or perfume but don't want to have to trek to the mall for it, and pay(through inflated prices) for the 'service' of having someone with way to much makeup on available to help you put on yours? Go to Carroll Cut Rate, right across from Sovereign(formerly Abington Savings) Bank. No pressure, and a great place for dads to take kiddies when it's time to buy mom's birthday or Christmas gift. Dad gets to save some cash, and the kids have fun in the small, but well stocked store. As a kid, I was fascinated by the humongous perfume bottles they would have on display in the front window, and I still remember a very cool Evening in Paris poster that was tacked onto the side wall.
For banking, their is the aforementioned Sovereign Bank and Mutual Federal Savings( my personal favourite), and hey, I can't forget Millie's Lunch! Another 'been there forever' place that serves one of the best breakfasts you can ask for, and it provides a real homey feel . Going there is a tradition of sorts with the Brewer kids.
There was a bit of a shake up in town recently when Joubert's Clothing made the announcement that they would close after 5o+ years, and Family Dollar decided to set up shop in it's place. There were people who thought that a place such as Family Dollar would bring an unwelcome 'element' to Whitman, or that it's presence would somehow detract from Whitman's charm ; at the time, I found this opinion to be a bit snobbish(and still do), and I was afraid that the new business wouldn't be given a fair chance to succeed. I am glad to report that Family Dollar is doing just fine, thank you, and provides a much needed convenience to the residents of Whitman, without taking anything away from it.
The whole downtown area is fairly small, so that means it is a great walk, and a venture up South Ave to go to either the post office, town hall( one of the prettiest I have seen), or Venus Cafe will afford you a tree lined, easy on the legs way to get your errands done, and a shortcut through the Town Hall grounds will take you to the park and town pool, if a swim or leisurely stroll is in order.
Though the town is more congested, and I have been known to whine about how long it takes me to get through the center, I really wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Except for three years in New Hampshire, Whitman is where I have my roots; and it's not a fear of change that keeps me here, I just sincerely love the place. It is a neat middle class suburb made up of commuters, long timers, and young families that reside in a crazy mix of McMansions , modest single family homes and mutli- families,and that helps to make it the great place that it is. And as my kids are coming up to be proud townies as well, that just makes Whitman seem even better.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


~ when you hear Bohemian Rhapsody, do you bang your head at the rocking part like in Wayne's World?
~ goatees look wicked good on blonde men.
~ speaking of blondes, Schilling pitched AWESOME today in relief!!
~ the stupid Yankees may have won today, but we are still in FIRST PLACE!
~ if someone you know makes you happy, have you told them so today?
~ iced tea just doesn't taste as good in any other season but summer.
~ at mealtime, do you eat one food at a time, alternate between them, or just mash it all together and eat it that way?

and that, is that. P.S. Sorry that the pics are so small! If you click on a pic, you'll get a better, closer view of the shot.Posted by Picasa

Hungry? Get a snack from the makeshift snack stand underneath the bandstand. Posted by Picasa

Rob, doing a fine job in the field. Posted by Picasa

A desperate search for the catcher's gear.(he eventually found all that was needed.) Posted by Picasa

STRIKE!  Posted by Picasa

Edward and Rob conferring with the coaches. Posted by Picasa

To follow is some shots from an All Star game between Milton and Whitman, that Whitman won(YAY!) and that my boys umped. This shot is pre-game, with Robert(base ump) on the left and Edward(plate ump) on the right.The game was played at the major league field in the Whitman Town Park.A nice field, it is! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 15, 2005

I awoke this morning ....

with a headache the size of a small country, after spending the previous evening with a nasty case of itchy/scratchy eyes. I'm allergic to any long haired(in the least) animal, but seeing as there aren't any of those here, could it be those dreaded ALLERGIES coming to call upon me?
I hate allergies!! I don't want them!! I don't have time for them!!

* sorry, but I HAD to get that out of my system. Didn't make the headache go away, but it still felt good. ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Small Pleasures

While I am on the subject of old Whitman haunts that have long since gone, does anyone remember Browne's(sp)? It was where the Center Ice now stands, and though it was small and comforting in it's familiarity like Cavicchi's, it was more of a newstand/gift store.
If you entered via the front door, you were greeted by the greeting cards, wrapping paper, and the small stuffed animals and knick- knacks that were displayed on shelves and racks, and were reasonably priced so that a kid could get a gift for Mom or Dad or that special someone without breaking the piggy bank. I distinctly remember these small stuffed dogs and bunnies( think an earlier Beanie Baby) that were always for sale for $2.95 for the small version, and I think $5.95 for the larger. One of the larger ones graced my Mom's bed for the longest time, and these dogs and bunnies were prevalent in lockers at West Middle, and at many a kid's birthday party.
An entrance through the back door took you to the school supply section, and in the back of the store, just up one step was the book and magazine section. The owners didn't seem to mind too much if you hung out there for a short bit and perused the selections, provided you were fairly quiet and well behaved. My favorite thing to do was to nonchalantly scoop up the paperback version of Scruples, give a quick scan of the store to make sure I was not being watched, and nervously read the naughty parts of the book. I swear, that paperback was always in stock, and it was as if there were only one copy of it, as the naughty pages seemed to be almost dog-eared, if ever so slightly!
Before I was old enough to live on the wild side with Judith Krantz in the back of Browne's, the store was also a great place to go and load up on candy and gum before Sunday school with my sisters. Our church is the First Congregational,which is literally a parking lot away, so it was easy to make a quick stop at Browne's before heading over to do our weekly required duty ( though really, Sunday school wasn't that bad at all) with Mr. Hastings, and the teachers whose names regrettably escape me now.
I know that I am starting to sound old, but I don't care! Those days were so much fun! And yes, I am smiling again.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Memories( a first of more than a few)

Though my small town of Whitman is far more built up, and therefore congested than it was when I was a wee one, oh about 30-35 years ago, a drive through the center of it on a lazy summer evening still brings a good feeling, and a flood of even better memories, as well.

Where MaryLou's News now stands was once the home of Cavicchi's, a small grocery, the precursor of todays Lil' Peach and Tedeschi's. It was so much fun to go to Cavicchi's as a kid! Being that it was small, it was easily maneuverable for the smaller in stature, and you didn't feel lost or uncomfortable in there.And if you were really young, and shopping with mom or dad, wandering into the next aisle over wasn't scary, because they were within eye and/or earshot.The floor was wooden , old and creaky, and that added to the welcoming feel of the store. It had the requisite candy selection underneath the front counter, tonics( or for those not from the area, sodas) in the back, a small produce section off to the right of the store, and a few aisles with the dry goods. From what I remember, it did very well. Sure, alot of the stuff was overpriced, as are most items in a convenience store, but in the early to mid '70's, it would have been most unusual for a kid to ask their mom or dad to drive them to the supermarket for whatever it was they needed. You just didn't do that. And besides, it was easier, and cooler, to walk downtown to Cavicchi's, and the feeling of independence gained, however fleeting, was immeasurable! I mean, how else would you be able to sneak in that candy bar, or handful of fireballs, or pack of black licorice if supervised? I wouldn't call it a hangout per se, but like the Tedeschi's that is downtown today, it was a good place for a kid to go and drop some change on the necessaties of life, and maybe meet up with or hang with friends for a while, sort of a stop on the way to another destination, a 'fueling station', if you will.

Sometimes I still miss that creaky old soft feeling floor, and the old black and white, slightly battered old fashioned looking Cavicchi's sign that graced the corner of Washington and Temple; it is still very clear in my mind. Of course, I know that all things cannot last forever; honestly, I don't even remember when it went out of business. I guess that as I got older and eventually moved on, out grew that small corner store, the business itself probably realised it's run, maybe the times outgrew the confines of the store, and the owners moved on as well. But, as it is said today, 'it is all good', for I am grateful for what my minds eye can conjure up, and for the memories that can permeate my senses, and create that flood of goodness that I hope I never take for granted.

Rantings of the very short variety...

~ how much money would be saved if cars were manufactured without the directionals? I mean, it's not like anyone USES them, anyways.
~ Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and Michael Jackson: separated at birth? I've heard this bandied about, and the more I see pics of the two, the more I believe it's true. I realise that the '71 version of Wonka is more sanitised and 'happier' than the way Roald Dahl had originally written and planned, but come on, what WAS Depp thinking with this incarnation of Willy Wonka?? It's downright creepy. Depp has said that he wanted his version to be ( and I am very loosely quoting) lean, with cha- cha shoes?? CHA- CHA SHOES? Hey, Johnny, save the over the top weird stuff for something else, ok? Sticking to Dahl's original vision would have been cool; creating a Wonka that too eerily resembles Wacko Jacko is not.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Contemplations and otherwise...

~ if you could, would you relive, and possibly change any aspect of your life?( Myself, no.)
~ I love the slightly musty smell of old books that have come from my parents basement; it's comforting, in an odd sort of way.
~ do you drink milk, juice, or any beverage of your choosing straight out of the bottle/carton? ( Guilty!)
~ on average, is the glass half empty, or half full? ( half full, oh about 97% of the time, honest)
~ just the thought of going to Marconi Beach in Wellfleet on Wednesday automatically nullifies any bad that may occur between now and then!
~ a slice of Venus cheese pizza dipped in either Ken's Italian or Creamy Caesar dressing is sooo good!
~ for me, a meal just ISN'T a meal unless I spilll something on either the table, or myself.
~ do you 'keep in touch' with another, when you say you will?(Guilty again, not nearly as much as I should)
~ in the realm of fantasy, if you sudenly had the opportunity to sing a song on stage with any artist(not necessarily a true duet, just singing along), what's the song and artist you would choose?( Wild West End with Dire Straits)

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Love is like a flower
it lives, but yet it dies
Love can be happy
but yet, it sometimes cries
Love is like a glass of wine
you drink it, then it's gone
Love can be very sad
or like a happy song.
~ My first poem, written at age 9 ( and a published one, at that)! And yeah, I guess I could have been accused back then of thinking too much, huh? But proud of it, I am!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Unfettered Pavement..

on Route 18 is what awaited me as I made my way to work on Sunday. The sight of nary a car in front of me was almost as intoxicating as the sky that was a crisp azure, the kind of blue tinged with a yellow so clear that it makes you want to send a whispered Thank You heavenward. It really set the tone for the day, and put me in a better mood than I had left the house with, for Sunday was my birthday, and I was more than knee deep into a small pity party for the fact that I had to work on MY birthday, poor me.... just imagine the injustice of it all!
I have to say that the sight of Route 18( or I should say, the THOUGHT of having to travel 18) never sends my mind into a joyous reverie. For those familiar with the South Shore, you know what I am talking about. For those fortunate souls who have not had the 'pleasure' of the total Route 18 experience, allow me to clarify. Route 18 is a nightmare, or more specifically, the stretch of it that runs from Whitman through to the exits for the highway that are in Weymouth. 18 is too narrow. The businesses that line it have grown and multiplied over the years, creating a most unwelcome congestion. For the record, I am NOT anti- business, and the sight of new business and new jobs is great, but what should be a relatively stress free fifteen minute ride can easily turn into a 25-30 minute trip from hell due to the fact that the narrow road does not accomadate said businesses. And Massachusetts drivers being what we are( yes, we HAVE earned the reputaion as some of the worst drivers in America, myself included), just negatively adds to the 'ambience' of the whole thing. And lastly, if you are from say, Whitman, Abington, or East Bridgewater, you have liitle alternative to 18. Sure, you could take the backroads through Brockton and Holbrook or South Weymouth and Braintree to reach the highway, but those alternatives aren't always better, and sometimes, a stop on 18 on the way to wherever it is you are going to is necessary.So, though I encourage the patronization of the shops and businesses on 18, I will do so with the disclaimer that a good gritting of the teeth before heading out is a must!
So Sunday was an anomoly, to be sure. Open road. Green lights that actually stayed green upon closer inspection. The good feeling of knowing that I was not on as rigid a timetable as I normally am. The warm air that thankfully lacked any trace of humidity. A fresh extra large Dunkin Donuts blueberry iced waiting for me in the cupholder. Dire Straits first cd ( for me, their most relaxing, a perfect soundtrack for the ride) emanating from the car speakers. A much needed, for the moment,reality check from within that produced a satisfied smile.

I sent that whispered Thank You heavenward, and made 18 mine.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy (belated)Birthday, Debbie Harry!!
If I look half as good at 60, I will consider myself DAMN lucky! Posted by Picasa