Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Day off tomorrow- yay!
Going out for birthday lunch/beers with a few friends tomorrow-yay!!
And the sun is finally out-YAY!!! (take it while ya can- this is New England, for cryeye)

and a Rio was playing on my stereo on the ride home- enjoy....


Save A Prayer- Duran Duran

You saw me standing by the wall,
Corner of a main street
And the lights are flashing on your window sill
All alone ain't much fun,
So you're looking for the thrill
And you know just what it takes and where to go

Don't say a prayer for me now,
Save it 'til the morning after
No, don't say a prayer for me now,
Save it 'til the morning after

Feel the breeze deep on the inside,
Look you down into your well
If you can, you'll see the world in all his fire
Take a chance
(Like all dreamers can't find another way)
You don't have to dream it all, just live a day

Don't say a prayer for me now,
Save it 'til the morning after
No, don't say a prayer for me now,
Save it 'til the morning after
Save it 'til the morning after,
Save it till the morning after

Pretty looking road,
Try to hold the rising floods that fill my skin
Don't ask me why I'll keep my promise,
Melt the ice
And you wanted to dance so I asked you to dance
But fear is in your soul
Some people call it a one night stand
But we can call it paradise

Don't say a prayer for me now,
Save it 'til the morning after
No, don't say a prayer for me now,
Save it 'til the morning after
Save it 'til the morning after
Save it 'til the morning after
Save it 'til the morning after
Save it 'til the morning after

Save a prayer 'til the morning after

Monday, June 29, 2009

Madoff Got 150 years!!!!

Thank God..... and I so hope that the many who lost everything receive restitution, but the cynic in me.....thinks otherwise. I hope I am wrong. I mean, I can't imagine losing my entire life savings, and if that wasn't horrible enough, having to listen to Madoff issue an *apology* in court, listening to Madoff go on about how he is tormented by what he did, how he didn't mean to hurt anyone?? AARRGGHHH!!!! At least we can take solace in knowing that Bernie should be making lots of new *friends* in the very near future, if you know what I mean.

If I....

seem overly sensitive, or edgy, or if I make snarky-like jokes/remarks, please don't take it personally, and also please accept my apology in advance. I have alot on my mind(nothing of the personal nature), mainly money, housing, etc and I am trying to not react to things that have not and may never happen, and it's....just very stressful. So again, if I seem more moody than usual, *patience, grasshopper* - just bear with me, please?
Many thanks!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

'We don't need no Michael Jackson!'

'cause we got this!!


No 80's Lite today!

The assistant store manager was running the show today, so that meant good Muzak, as in The Clash, Billy Idol, The Cure, and this.....


to name a few.
Thank You, Anthony!!

Thirty five years ago...

I wrote this poem, my first, at the wee age of nine. My school principal, Mrs. Benner( God rest her soul, she was an amazing person) submitted it to HighLights magazine where it was published, so hmmmm, does that make me a published author? teehee just kidding!
Anyways, here it is, and upon reading you will see where the seeds of my overactive.....imagination?brain? were sown! ;)


is like a flower
it lives, but yet it dies
can be so happy
but yet, it sometimes cries
is like a glass of wine
you drink it,
then it's gone
can be very sad
or like a happy song.
Christine 1973

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm at work today in (name and address witheld) supermarket, in my dairy, putting up some shredded cheese, and a woman comes over and says the following, no lie..."I am looking for the long big one." She was dead serious, and she stood there waiting for me to tell her exactly where the long big one was. I literally had to bite my lip to keep myself from saying what I was thinking, which was (wait for it.....yup, you guessed it!)..."Aren't we all, honey!" After looking at me for what seemed an eternity with a slightly exasperated look on her face, she says "Velveeta! Where's the Velveeta!" Oh, silly me, my bad, you meant that long big one...DUH!! Like I'd know she meant freakin' Velveeta??? Anyhoo, I dutifully take her the literally 5 feet away to where 'the long big one' was, where she stood staring at it for a good minute or so, and then I went into the backroom where I died laughing,and yeah, my co-workers got a good laugh out of it as well. Just shows to go ya that for as aggravating as the buying public can be, they can also be pretty damned amusing, as well.
So Velveeta lady, whoever you are, thanks- you made my day!!

Remember The Lines from Boston?

~why can't I find the lyrics to their song One Man Army ? All I keep finding is crap by The Jonas Brothers(?)..*shudder*And what was the name of that album that came out wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the early '80's?
~feeling better physically- whatever it was passed after hour one at work, thank goodness.

A bit....

under the weather this morning :(
Probably nothing, don't like feeling 'off', but seeing as I am almost never sick, I am sure it will pass quickly. And as being nice isn't enough to pay the bills(damnit!), it's off to work for me!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

When will the well run dry?

I dunno- it comes and goes as it pleases, so I catch it and ride while it's here.Random things inspire me, and I run with them. It may take me awhile to come up with something.....profound(?)or deep, if you will, but for as much as this is my place to let it all hang out, I am still a bit ocd when it comes to what I myself crank out; the perfectionist in me comes to the fore, and that's a blessing and a curse in that I want what I write to be good, for me, but on the other hand, while I am waiting for perfection, I am letting a potentially good thought pass, and that's not cool.(is that a long sentence, OR WHAT?? My first grade teacher is most definitely rolling over in her grave, God rest her soul!) So anyhoo, blah blah but here's a thought; does alcohol REALLY allow us to say what we really feel/think? Are one's inhibitions truly lowered while inebriated? ( and no, not staggering stupid drunk, but let's say, oh, 3 or 4 beers in?) I say .....yes, and no, that in and of itself is not a bad thing. Just sayin, as I am on my third Bud(nonwussy thank you very much)Light on an empty stomache, so hence, the rambling....okay, I will right my head now from it's tipped sideways state, and turn off the faucet, for the moment.

Pump it Up- Elvis Costello
I've been on tenterhooks
ending in dirty looks,
list'ning to the Muzak,
thinking 'bout this 'n' that.
She said that's that.
I don't wanna chitter-chat.
Turn it down a little bit
or turn it down flat.

Pump it up when you don't really need it.
Pump it up until you can feel it.

Down in the pleasure centre,
hell bent or heaven sent,
listen to the propaganda,
listen to the latest slander.
There's nothing underhand
that she wouldn't understand.

Pump it up until you can feel it.
Pump it up when you don't really need it.

She's been a bad girl.
She's like a chemical.
Though you try to stop it,
she's like a narcotic.
You wanna torture her.
You wanna talk to her.
All the things you bought for her,
putting up your temperature.

Pump it up until you can feel it.
Pump it up when you don't really need it.

Out in the fashion show,
down in the bargain bin,
you put your passion out
under the pressure pin.
Fall into submission,
hit-and-run transmission.
No use wishing now for any other sin.( cool, cool lines!!!)

Pump it up until you can feel it.
Pump it up when you don't really need it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Know You've Had a Good Day When.....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqqBs6kkzHE - because I can.

*and back to our scheduled programming*

~ you get all of your annoying 'busy work' done at work. May sound corny, but it does provide a good sense of accomplishment.
~ you get a compliment from way out of nowhere. Case in point; a coworker came up to me, noticed my Clark Kent's perched on my face, and told me I looked beautiful(!). I finally found my glasses, and am tired of squinting, so I am wearing them again, though going from a cold cooler to a warm store makes for foggy viewing. Anyhoo, though I don't need compliments to have a good day or feel good about myself, they are nice, and help to make good a day brighter . Yes, this is a feminazi -free zone. I like compliments; hell, you can even hold the door open for me! And when walking down the street, and the man takes the outside...nice.
~ your bank account has a healthy positive balance!
~ just the sound of someone's voice can inspire a smile.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From the best scene in the movie- the U.S.S. Indianapolis speech scene. When this scene is on, I will stop anything that I am doing to watch...and I mean anything =)



Will comment on this later, but can you say......'Big Brother'????

~Perez Hilton......WHY???????

~ Barack Obama, yes you are a hypocrite, signing that sweeping tobacco bill while YOU ARE STILL SMOKING???? And sorry, but if you occasionally smoke then you ARE NOT QUIT. PERIOD. I quit nine years ago, and have not had so much as a puff since, but I tell ya, if I did, then I would not still be quit! I could be rightfully called a smoker again, yes, even after 'only' one puff. Sound like I'm too hard on myself, drawing too fine a line in the sand? If that's what you think, fine, but I guard my quit very closely and take it seriously; aside from cranking out three babies, it's the hardest thing I have ever done, and I have garnered respect for it, and I wouldn't risk losing that for anything. I quit for me, I remain quit for me, and if I were to blow it, I would lose respect for myself. So Barack, if you want to be taken seriously, remember, it starts at home. Hypocrite.

Monday, June 22, 2009

One pound away....

from reaching my first goal of 35 pounds lost- yay!!!! Thirty four pounds in 12 weeks- that's what, an average of about 2.5 pounds per week? I'm doing it slow, steady, healthy and without deprivation(thanks to my determination and Weight Watchers).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

me tromper, une fois la honte sur vous me tromper, deux fois la honte sur moi

Go n-ithe an cat thĂș is go n-ithe an diabhal an cat

~Happy Father's Day(!!) to my Dad- glad I went to visit, and yes, Winnie the WonderDog went for a walk, albeit a short one; it was freaking cold and wet out there! And me with shorts and no raincoat - yeah, I know...DUH! And had a great time with my sisters-in-law Linda and Janet; they help to make all holidays/get-togethers so much fun! It's also cool how alike Edward and Stephen are, sense of humor wise and with how they interact with their respective siblings; got to be a middle child thang, and yes, they are the same age.

~ I live vicariously through Degrassi on the N...... not, not even(puhleeze) but it is addicting, and shit, I hate to sound old, but I do NOT remember middle school and high school being anything like that show portrays it!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


feel like you're fucking up, but am pretty sure that you're not, but still feel like you are? What was that Doris Day song, "Que, Sera, Sera"(whatever will be, will be).... yup, 'tis a verity, to be sure.

LOVE my job! Company is good, and the people there really are great; I finally feel 'accepted', if you will, in my new store, and feel very comfortable.

Rafa has bowed out of Wimbledon due to tendinitis in his knee(s) WAHHHHH!!! Definitely will not be half as fun to watch....guess I'll be rooting for Federer now. Hope Rafa is better for the U.S. Open!

Friday, June 19, 2009

That Which Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

Thursday, June 18, 2009


~ why is it so hard to take one's own advice?C'mon, we've all been guilty of it, don't be shy....
~ is gulliblilty attractive if it's genuine?
~ are you big enough to indulge in the occasional self-depracating humor?
~ people sometimes are amazed that I (proudly) sported a 4.0 GPA before I left school 3 years ago; hmmmm, should I be offended? Nahhhhh.....
~ I must have at least 4 paper journals that I have started, but feel more comfortable letting it all out via keyboard; considering my love of books and paper, I find that strange..maybe 'cause my handwriting really sucks? Dunno.....
~ when I knew that my lungs had recovered from the damage I did from smoking for over 21 years? When I could hold the long note in Tuesday Afternoon by the Moody Blues( you know the one) without running out of breath. Oh, and it'll be nine, count 'em NINE years smoke free quit on the 25th!! Yay, me!!!And Happy nine, Miles, on the 22nd!!
~ is sensuality innate or learned? I believe you either come into this world with it, or you truly don't possess it at all; it's just not something that one can learn to have and it doesn't necessarily have to be a true definition of itself to exist. It can be as simple as an eye movement, or the way one gesturestheir hands or tilts their head.
~ yes, the floodgates are open again! It comes and goes....


Back to the Top...just because

Other Side of the World K.T. Tunstall

Over the sea and far away
She's waiting like an Iceberg
Waiting to change,
But she's cold inside
She wants to be like
the water,

All the muscles tighten in her face
Buries her soul in one embrace
They're one and the same
Just like water

Then the fire fades away
But most of everyday
Is full of tired excuses
But it's too hard to say
I wish it were simple
But we give up easily
You're close enough to see that
You're.... the other side of the world
to me

On comes the panic light
Holding on with fingers
and feelings alike
But the time has come
To move along

Then the fire fades away
But most of everyday
Is full of tired excuses
But it's too hard to say
I wish it were simple
But we give up easily
You're close enough to see that
You're.... the other side of the world

Can you help me?
Can you let me go
And can you still love me
When you can't see me anymore

Then the fire fades away
most of everyday
Is full of tired excuses
But it's too hard to say
I wish it were simple
But we give up easily
You're close enough to see that
You're.... the other side of the world
Ohh.... the other side of the world
You're.... the other side of the world
To me.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My New Fave....

Sam's Summer( for now, at least)
~ Watching Around the Horn, an o.k. show...and I am looking at Jay Mariotti and he has lost ALOT of weight! Amazing how the skin around the neck and face bounces back to it's former tautness after/during weight loss, isn't it? That is my personal benchmark, to be sure, a very satisfying sign.
~ WHAT????? Sammy Sosa has been doing 'roids?? NO WAY..... I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell ya......*right*The powers that be that run baseball need to grow a major set and totally clean house, EVERYONE that has/is doing 'roids needs to go, and yes, that applies to Sox players as well . And spare me the arguement that some players did them when they weren't 'banned' or 'illegal'...blahblahblah ... don't wanna do the time? don't do the crime.
~ Bunker Hill Day... Hey, Jack Hart and Tom Finneran, if this 'holiday' is so damn important, why is it that only those who live in what is it, Essex County, get the day off? Why can't EVERYONE, state worker or not, get the day off? Hart, you are an ass....I am so sure that you spent the day in deep contemplation at the monument.....
~ I never knew that Boz Scaggs sings 'What Can I Say"! LOVE this song!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSHv-LN3TG0&NR=
~ shameless birthday plug~ Silk Degrees on cd makes the perfect 45th birthday gift!!teehee and listen to the high note that's hit at the end of yet another rediscovered beauty of a song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOyMpQQriY0&feature=related

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad Boys Get Spanked

~ yes, I DO listen to music from decades OTHER than the 80's, but it is most unapologetically my fave, and the above mentioned Pretenders song is just so.....raw and powerful ,and actually it's Martin Chambers' drumming that makes it as sexual as it is.
~ I taught my friend's 20 month old daughter how to say 'Well, duh!' today...heehee. She got it down in no time flat- I'm sure he'll be thanking me profusely later!(NOT)
~ do you still employ 'walls'? And at 44 3/4, is it time for me to knock it off, or am I better off with my defenses, so long as I don't become wayyyy too defensive?
~ have you ever tried a grocery home delivery service? ( I hear that the one at Roche Bros. is fab,winkwink ). If so, is it worth it? Any major cons to the notion? I am toying with it, only because I have virtually no time to grocery shop, seeing as after an 8 hour shift, I just wanna get the hell outta there, and shopping on my one day off is a major unsatisfying suck.... (not whining, really, just sayin')
~ was able to FINALLY listen to Michael Graham again(wtkk 96.9 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.)!! He is fannnnnntastic!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tired Minds....

tend to meander quite a ways, and seeing as I have been up for.....19 hours now(!!) my mind has been travellin'(sp) far and wide. Sleep is thankfully coming very shortly, but before I fall into blissful slumber, allow me to share alot of everything and nothing that I have experienced along the Route 66 of my cluttered brain...

~my seventeen year old cracks me up! He is just a naturally funny person.
~ why do people who have lost weight(me!me! 33 lbs lighter!) feel more confident when there is less of them? Shouldn't that make me feel more ...vulnerable? Weird, but cool, that I don't.
~ do you dive into a pool, lake, ocean head first or feet first?
~ now take the above and apply it to how you conduct yourself in life; feet or head first? Do you lead with your logic or your emotion, or can the two be intertwined somehow? ( told you I'm tired)
~ is there any song that drives you to tears? Not necessarily a full-blown crying jag, but tears? Me, yeah, a couple.... "I Guess that's why they call it the Blues" by Elton John, and "All I Want is You" by u2.
~ would life really be easier sans complications? Or would a total lack of a good martini shake now and then turn our souls to complete nothingness?
and now for the most relevant musing of all...
~ beer at a bar- glass or bottle?

Some U2 for your 'listening' pleasure...

IMHO, one of their best songs; the lyrics are just amazing, capture and reveal so much.... my faves are highlighted. I was going to just post a few good lines, but hey, the entire song deserves posting, so here it is.
Do yourself a favor, and go to youtube and give it a listen, with eyes closed, of course...

Who's Gonna Ride your Wild Horses
You're dangerous 'cause you're honest
You're dangerous, you don't know what you want

Well you left my heart empty as a vacant lot
For any spirit to haunt

Hey hey sha la la
Hey hey

You're an accident waiting to happen
You're a piece of glass left in a beach
Well, you tell me things I know you're not supposed to
Then you leave me just out of reach

Hey hey sha la la
Hey hey sha la la

Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
Who's gonna drown in your blue sea?
Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
Who's gonna fall at the foot of thee?

Well you stole it 'cause I needed the cash
And you killed it 'cause I wanted revenge
Well you lied to me 'cause I asked you to
Baby, can we still be friends?

Hey hey sha la la
Hey hey sha la la

Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
Who's gonna drown in your blue sea?
Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
Who's gonna fall at the foot of thee?

Oh, the deeper I spin
Oh, the hunter will sin for your ivory skin
Took a drive in the dirty rain
To a place where the wind calls your name
Under the trees the river laughing at you and me
Hallelujah, heavens white rose
The doors you open
I just can't close

Don't turn around, don't turn around again
Don't turn around, your gypsy heart
Don't turn around, don't turn around again
Don't turn around, and don't look back
Come on now love, don't you look back!

Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
Who's gonna drown in your blue sea?
Who's gonna taste your salt water kisses?
Who's gonna take the place of me?

Who's gonna ride your wild horses?
Who's gonna tame the heart of the

Friday, June 12, 2009

Just because....

and for you trolls that don't like what I post? Well, then, stop coming here, and visit one of the other bajillion websites on the 'net!!!

Physical(You're So)
Adam Ant

I want to date you maybe
I want to take you out
I want to wine and dine you-oo
I want to twist and twist and shout
I want you hard in my arms
so soft on my bed
you get the keys to my heart
when you wear that sweet dress
(you know, the short one)
you're so physical, physical for me
you're just too physical, physical, for me

I want your roughouse baby
I want this night in your ear
let me feel you danger
I want to make this feeling clear
I want the touch of your charms
the heat of your breath
I want to say all those things
(those dirty things)
that would be better unsaid

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Craving some Ants, maybe?

Magnificent Five
Adam ant/marco pirroni

Long ago in london town
A man called ant sat deeply sighing
He was wondering
Which side of the fence he was on
Prick up your ears...

Time went by and soon
The one was five young hombres
Burning fire
They were in no doubt
Which side of the fence they were on
Prick up your ears (mag-nificent five)...

He who writes in blood
Doesn't want to be read
He must be learned by heart
He's got to be learned by heart

They believed in sex and looking good
With their own brand of music
They weren't pandering
So which side of the fence
Are you on?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why you'll never see a fat hockey player

Have you ever watched hockey?? How could those guys be doughy and play that game? I was watching the game last night(yay, Pittsburgh!), and the way they tool around the ice , forwards, backwards, and then jump over the boards? Yeah, right, those guys have cores like raging furnaces. Too bad they have so much damn uniform on that you can't truly aprreciate all their hard work. ;)
~and today was far superior to yesterday

Car Update

First, let me say that for as much as yesterday sucked, one of the bright spots was taking a walk to the place pictured above and below, the Norris Reservation on Dover St in Norwell. It's a Trustees reservation that beautifully hugs the North River, and with it's gently sloping wooded paths with what seems to be a bajillion harmonious songbirds, it's a great place for a much needed head clearing walk. Try it sometime- it's also a great place for the wee ones in your life to explore as well.

Ok, so about the car- we got a loan for more than half the cost of repair,(thank-you) so I will be calling "THE MECHANIC" this morning from work and giving him the O.K. to fix it-YAY!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

In Appreciation of.....What I see when I hear Promenade by u2

I was asked where I got the name for my blog from. It came from Promenade, my most fave song by u2, and this poem was born from my head while listening to the song.

see the stars
flashing by
against an ink black sky
that drapes over dawn, lightly
my dream drenched,
lazy eyes
towards the mid morning sun
Iam feeling
so Picasso
lying in pieces in the grass
with the world spinning by
colour change, seasonal time
nature falling, over me
effervescence covers,
lighter than air
as if drugged
You are...
liquid guitar notes in
half-tone meanderings, upward
in standstill waves
along my whole, end me
in rapture
close my eyes,
to kiss.
Christine 2005


if you don't mind, for my Mom? She is being tested for cancer tomorrow, and while I'm sure that all will be okay, I am still worried.
So any type of prayer you wish to shoot her way will be greatly appreciated-thanks!

CAUTION- Serious vent to follow

I really try not to use profanity in my blog alot, but this situation warrants it. For those with virgin eyes, you have been forwarned.......

I feel like that with a select few aspects of my life I just cannot win. My Ford Escort needs a clutch to the tune of $1300.- guess what. I don't have it, mainly because I had to sink $1100.- into Rob's car last month for brakes, because he's lazy, and doesn't make enough money to cover repairs of that size,now we're down to one car, I receive little to no input/support from the one I SHOULD be getting it from,blah blah, blah.....
I'm tired of being the sole decision maker, sole planner...if I'm going to continue acting on my own, then I want to be on my fucking own!! I am just way out of fucking patience, I am out of ....everything. I can't take another friggin' crisis thrown at me.
No, I'm not going to do anything stupid; please, I am way smarter than that....there's a great line from Supertramp's Take the Long Way Home- ' then you feel that your life's become a catastrophe, oh, it has to be, for you to grow' Maybe I just need it all to implode, fall apart, and then I can start anew....?
I just thank God for the people and things that make me happy, add positively to my life, and that help to keep me grounded and sane ......
if that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger, then man, I am going to be one powerful fucking force to behold!! =)
Thanks for reading.


I guess the one thing I can say that I really can't stand about myself is when I allow the self-doubt to creep in and overtaItalicke me with a wicked vengeance.
"Did I make a total ass of myself?" (I really don't think that I did, but..wait, here it comes, that wussy gal on my shoulder saying that hmmmm, bet you did! )
'Will my penchant for shooting from the hip and telling it like it is be my downfall?"(Again, no...and I am trying desperately to knock that annoying bitch off of my shoulder...)

*please don't disappear*

I guess that I have to just trust all, including my gut, and relax. Amazing thing, the human psyche, how one can feel so happy/anxious/confused and completely comfortable all at once, and so cool how I can be so okay with that!

Yes, I'm weird, but loveable!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Congratulate Me!

Why? Well, if you really want to know, then either email /text/call me, and I'll let ya in on the good news....

and for a real bit of randomosity-
~one of the best lines from any song ever is from Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting by Elton John, and it's this one
'I'm a juvenile product , of the working class
who's best friend floats in the bottom of a glass.'
Is that just the most consummate line, or what?
~are you Turning Japanese??
Secretive Christine- a trappedina44yearoldbody late juvenile product of the 80's, and damn proud of it!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Blast from your Past

Track 6 is an especially good vintage!


can't I copy/paste links anymore?

Friday, June 05, 2009

What's it all about, Alfie?

To follow are some pet peeves of mine, and if I am emplying the repeat-o-matic , my apologies. I forget that I have been at this blogging thang for 4 years now, and rarely do I re-read my old posts.
So.... in no particular order....

~ people who insist on YOU being the one who initiates the phone calls- very annoying. Oh, wow, you have one of those phones that can't call out? Bummer.....
~ people who leave coupons for various products near said products on the shelf. Guys, I realize that your intentions are good, and I mean no malice, but honestly? I throw them out. I don't need my yogurt/cheese/egg shelves littered with coupons.Do your fave dairy managerchick- type person a favor, and put them on/near the bulletin board in the lobby of the store. PLEASE.
~ waking up with an excruciating headache for no discernible (sp?) reason. No, I didn't get hammered last night, I didn't overeat or eat anything wacky..... 15 hours later, it is FINALLY going away.
~game playing. HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT. Please, don't waste my time or yours.
~ why my backhand totally SUCKS. I hit that ball wider than ... I dunno what(couldn't think of a witty analogy, sorry).
~ people who verbally do the equivalent of repetetively(?) tapping your shoulder. WHY?? Isn't life too short to expend energy on being a total dickhead?
~Olive Garden commercials. Ugghh, makes me so not want to go.
~ Cialis commercials. Separate bathtubs?? HUH??? What, is this
some kind of masochistic foreplay ('Hey, babe, don't you wish you could squeeze into this itty-bitty one size fits one tub with me and feel what you're missin'? Oh, you can't? Well here, let's just hold hands instead. Thank God I took my erectile meds today, huh?"
There, that's it . Petty? Maybe, but I will add my usual caveat-oh, well.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Know what?

It really sucks that I allowed myself to disappear, but.. it's so cool to be found !