Wednesday, June 29, 2005


~ I would rather endure a vitriolic barrage to my face, than to be patronised.
~ No-one sang the word 'cuz' quite like Ben Orr.
~ Someday the powers that be in the bra manufacturing world will make an underwire bra where the wire actually stays IN, where it's supposed to!
~ Can you have a commune without the ism?
~ In the hair world, just why are 'bangs' called bangs?

~ I never have, nor will I, impose my long lost youth wishes upon my kids.
~ Is there such a thing as true love? And can it happen more than once?

Monday, June 27, 2005

Just exercising my rights. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 26, 2005


I really shouldn't be saying this, and really, I don't want to jinx them, but I can't help myself, I am so excited, because....


but you didn't hear that from me...

Five Years Quit

I haven't smoked a cigarette in FIVE years, an accomplishment that I am so damn proud of!! The following is a 'ramble' that I wrote for this occassion, on the website that helped me to be where I am today, smoke- free and so happy,

Day One tomorrow...From clemrules on 6/24/2000 9:55:09 PMI am quitting so that I can breathe easy. I am quitting for my children. I am quitting so that I don't need an oxygen mask . I am quitting to rid myself of stale cigarette odors. I am quitting for better breath. I am quitting so that I can bring my workouts up to new heights. I am quitting so that I can take the stairs instead of the elevator. I am quitting so that I can save that money for fun things for myself and my family. I am quitting to live. I want this so badly; I am ready. Wish me luck tomorrow. Thanks! Clemrules
Day 1827 tomorrow….
~And I can breathe MUCH easier
~My kids are so proud of me, and ALWAYS remember my anni’s! I hope that my quit and what I went thru to get it keeps them from ever even considering smoking.
~So far, so good on not needing any supplemental O2.~I no longer reek of putrid cigarette smoke, stale or otherwise!
~I am pretty sure that I have better breath..( anyone??)
~The regularity of the workouts ebb and flow, but I still walk faithfully, and can even talk on the phone and walk briskly without gasping for air.
~Yes, when the spirit moves me, I CAN and DO take the stairs.
No, I haven’t saved $13,697.52(unfortunately), BUT..I haven’t spent that huge amount on sickerettes, either.
~Yep, still alive!!
I was ready, more than I ever could have imagined. I found a liberating strength and determination from within that was borne over and over again by first and foremost, ME, and just as importantly, by dear priceless friends made here who were always there for me.
Through the tears
And anger
And laughter
And confusion
And joys and pain,,
And all shared,
Not out of obligation,
But just because,
That’s what friends do.
(with no return receipt required).
What have I learned over these past five years?
I have learned
Love (and how to)
Trust (-ing mainly myself)
And how to learn, and that always learning is such a cool way to go through life, with eyes and ears open wide, and occasionally, when the time feels right, the heart left more than ajar, as well.
I am overwhelmed on this my five year anni. Whether you all realize it or not, you help to reinforce the strength of my quit every time you wish me well, and I was brought to tears more than once today (but only in the happiest of ways!).
So hey, raise a glass of whatever it is you may be imbibing in at the moment, and let out a big
to us all, cause hey, are we all wicked good, or what??
5 years, 8 hours, 3 minutes quit
$13,697.52 saved
73,053 cigarettes NOT smoked

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Is this one of the most beautiful windups in baseball,or what? Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day!

Seems that Dads seem to get the short end of the attention stick when it comes to their day...and though I am NOT big on these manufactured -by-the -greeting-card-companies holidays, I do think it most appropriate to wish Dads everywhere a happy one. And hey, as with Moms, don't forget to tell your Dad how much you love and appreciate him on any old day of the year, ok?

Monday, June 13, 2005


~ It s the 30th anniversary of 'Jaws'- now I ask you; is not Robert Shaw's U.S.S. Indianapolis speech one of the best movie speeches ever?? Can watch that movie a million times, and will never tire of it!
~ The NBA is not the same without the best ref ever, Earl Strom, and that oh so cool way he would 'dance' when making a call.
~ Some fave words- facetious, celerity, meander, balalaika, excruciating.
~ Some teachers are priceless, and leave a wonderfully indelible mark.Mrs.Benner, my grade school principal is one. She was so classic, stern yet easy to like, and she had this cool way of calling us kids 'hot-en-tots' (sp) when we would act up. And my biz teacher at Quincy College-the adjective motivating barely scratches the surface where he is concerned.
~ Along with 'Jaws', Amadeus is another movie that I can, and probably will(!) watch hundreds of times.If you don't like Classical music, or really not much, you will after watching this.

Photograph on Black and White Film

A mystery, in angles
Half hidden, in shadow
A discreet, insinuation
A reclining, invitation in
Misted veils of grey,
Half lidded light that
Your interpretation
If you move
Just right, you just might see
What you want, her to be

A misleading perception….

Frameable art
A work, for the masses
A dog eared glossy, under the bed
Chameleon smiles that
Confusingly tempt, the dark,
In your head…

A study, in texture
Stirring, the imagination
Unnervingly captured
Through black and white eyes
Your mind’s limitations
Her only disguise.

Christine Louise Brewer 9/28/02

Friday, June 10, 2005

Scribblings and Bibblings

~ I have never ridden in a BeetleBug(or VW Beetle, for those not from Massachusetts).
~ Some people are so incredibly nice looking, it's almost hard to look at them for too long. Robin Zander and the late Falco and Benjamin Orr are excellent examples.
~ There is almost no better feeling than the taking off of the work shoes at the end of the day!
~ Remember how cool and fun it was as a kid to sit in the back-back of the station wagon and give the signal to the truckers to blow their horns, flash peace signs at, or make faces at the people in the cars behind you?
~ I am totally comfortable with my age(almost 41), and NEVER hesitate to tell said age when asked.
~ Alot of days, I still feel 20.
~ Do you know what your name means? Mine-child of Christ.

~ Do you say 'excuse me' if you burp when alone?

Monday, June 06, 2005

I won't do this often..

if never again, ( the posting of songs, that is)but this one warrants a posting,and here it shall stay, just because.

Desperado- The Eagles
why don`t you come to your senses,
You`ve been out ridin fences for so long now,
Oh and you`re a hard one,
but I know that you`ve got your reasons,
The things that are pleasin` you
can hurt you somehow.
Don`t you draw the Queen of Diamonds boy, she`ll beat you if she`s able.
You know the Queen of Hearts is always your best bet.
Now it seems to me some fine things have been laid upon your table,
But you only want the ones you can`t get.
Desperado, you ain`t gettin no younger,
Your pain and your hunger, they`re drivin you home,
And freedom, oh freedom, well that`s just some people talkin.
Your prison is walking through this world all alone.
Don`t your feet get cold in the wintertime,The sky won`t snow and the sun won`t shine,
It`s hard to tell the nighttime from the day.
And you`re losin all your highs and lows,Ain`t it funny how the feelin goes away?
Desperado, why don`t you come to your senses,
Come down from your fences- open the gates.It may be rainin,
but there`s a rainbow above you.
You`d better let somebody love you,
You`d better let somebody love you,before it`s too late.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Just got off of the phone..

with my father in law, whom I adore, love like a Dad. He sounds terrible; maybe a cold, or wicked bad allergies? I dunno, but I worry, as he is diabetic and 79.
~update- seems he has bronchitis, so yes, I am still worried, but at least now I know what it is.And if you ever need to hear a good story about the 'old' days or planes or WWII, come see Bob; he's got a million! Heard most, but really never tire of them. And if I do find myself secretly rolling my eyes at the say, 10th rendition of the same story, I give myself a mind slap because man, I will so miss the way he tells those tales when he is no longer with us anymore.