Saturday, September 30, 2006

Civil War statue, Whitman Town Park Posted by Picasa

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A montage

from 09.30.06. It was a great time- bravissimo, Whitman!

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Oh, man, that's where I left my car last night!! =) Posted by Picasa

September 30, 2006

Christine singing the national anthem at the start of the ballgame celebrating Whitman's Town Hall centennial!
And yes, she done did good!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yep, it's official..

I have changed camps. I can't go into it now, but trust that this was a well thought out decision, and as much as I still admire Christy for what he has accomplished both with his business and while with the Turnpike, I just can't stand behind him anymore, nor with a clear conscience vote for him.
So there, I blogged it- are you happy now, Dwaine? =)
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Go here to find out why she is far away more qualified to be governor thatn Devoid Patrick.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


They say,
your gender’s,
not into
but I know,
You are
‘cause I caught
a picture of him
your journal drawer.
if looks,
don’t really matter
then why’s he hanging,
on our wall?
Steve McQueen’s,
in the bathroom
he’s ten foot tall,
and I’m feeling,
And you,
Can’t hide it
When I catch
In a trance-like
Close, your eyes
To his voice
I wonder what’s
running through
your mind.
‘cause it seems,
you never seem to
that kind of
for me
is it because,
we’re too familiar?
Or do you,
and I never,
that you
So screw
the posing,
And the
I don’t need it,
After all
Steve McQueen’s,

in the bathroom
But I’ve got you
Far down,

Chrissie 09.27.06

Who says women aren't visual?

Man, at this particular moment in time, he was nothing shy of beautiful....

Would you...

want to own artwork that was produced by Adolf Hitler?
There is to be an auction in England of some watercolors and sketches that were made by Hitler prior to WWII that were recently found in Belgium.
Would I want to own artwork, or anything for that matter, that is associated with Hitler?? No matter how interesting, or beautiful perhaps that the pieces may be??
I would feel extremely creeped out, and ...dirty.
So.... would you?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Cerebral Downbursts

~ today I intimidated(just a little, but still!) a Marine, and I didn't mean to, as he's a really nice guy, and I really don't find myself the least bit inimidating, and it was a misunderstanding that was thankfully, quickly rectified, but I intimidated a Marine, and yeah, it felt good!
~ Kerry Healy's abject dismissal of Christy tonight on the Fox25 debate was so bush league. IMHO, it hurt her, alot, and at a time when she desperately needed some serious style points.
~ it's a fantabulous feeling when you realise that a co-worker in a position higher than yours trusts and respects you enough to not yell at you and make a big wicked deal when you make a mistake.
~ people who use aliases online for the sole purpose of being a dickhead to another really suck.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

things are..
then they're
and muddled
and your head,
and you wonder
if it's
and you long
for the clarity
that you may not want,
to but have to
for the spiderless
to be blown,
with that
borne of
as of yet
to be realised,
Chrissie 09.24.06

Lee Van Cleef

He was , of course, fab in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly but I really loved him in For a Few Dollars More, mainly because he gets to finally annihilate that uber creepy Indio. AMC is playing that movie now, so check it outdefinitely worth the watch, even if it is your 11th one!
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Saturday, September 23, 2006

'Whoa-oh oh, Listen to the Music!'

I wasn't in the talk radio mood this afternoon, so instead of listening to my fave WRKO, I flipped over to Mike97 -FM( GREAT station, no dj's, no blabbing, just a wide variety of music with few commercial breaks) . Here's a sampling of some of the crappy stuff that I immediately banished from my eardrums, and a few of the really good songs that I heard today.
Crappy Stuff:
~ Jack and Diane- UGGHHH, this song is so vomitocious, I can't stand more than 10 seconds of it. Classic Mellancamp Cougar crud!
~ Beautiful by James Blunt- any guy this wussy doesn't deserve the girl, anyways. He reminds me of a poor imitation, voice wise, of Davy Jones. At least Davy had one cool song( remember Girl from the Brady Bunch?).
~ Heartache Tonight- the Eagles suck, and this song really sucks, though Take it Easy is probably their worst. shudder
Ok, enough of the crap, now the good stuff!
~ Abacab- love this Genesis song, don't know what an abacab is supposed to be or mean, but something about this song jsut gets me going.
~ House of the Rising Sun- a song that was far ahead of it's late 1964 release, musically and lyrically. And Eric Burdon's voice was sooo unconventional for that time period. Love when this one comes on!
~ Freak Out by Chic- I love the way this one builds during the mostly intrumental part of the song. I guess(though this may be urban legend, dunno for sure) that the chorus originally went like "Awwww, Fuck Off!" which was due to the fact they the band coulddn't get into Studio 54. Whetehr it's true or not, that is still pretty cool! Besides, I used to have a mad crush on Niles Rogers in the late 70's and early 80's..
~ Tuesday Afternoon- just love belting out that long note at the end, and who cares who sees me??
~ Don't Leave Me This Way- the almost perfect song. I bow to your disco greatness, Thelma!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Good Morning Posted by Picasa
While I highly recommend checking out R.E.M's latest "The I.R.S. Years", I would check out these two selections first. Dead Letter Office is an odd mix of early B-side like stuff( Voice of Harold is my fave), and Life's Rich Pageant is, in my most humble opinion, a near masterpiece. Every song on Pageant is terrific; I defy anyone to find a crummy one.
I was a huge fan of theirs, lost interest when they entered their mandolin phase, and have recently rediscovered them , and thank goodness I did,because man, what a wicked talented band!And, their music holds alot of memories for me ( mostly all good) so that's another reason I am glad that I broke out their "Eponymous" cd yesterday. I saw them live in Worcester in '89, and it was one of the best shows I have been to. They began with 'Begin the Begin', and the energy that Michael Stipe threw off that night was electric!
Give them a listen- cool, cool stuff, and it's always fun to try and figure out what the hell Michael is saying!
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Thank GOODNESS that my kids are too old for this! I would make it through two rounds of Elmo's adorably annoying giggle, and the thing would unfortunately meet a mysterious..fate.
Now, if it were a Grover doll... that's a different story!
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God help Massachusetts. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I did today- did you? Remember, if you choose to not vote, then you have nothing to bitch and complain about later. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 17, 2006

So maybe you really don't want to knows

~ I have small ankles and wrists; a size 6 1/2 bracelet fits me comfortably.
~ my new fave lipcolour is L'Oreal's Glam Shine 810, Seductress. GOOD stuff!
~ my new fave shampoo is SunSilk, the version in the yellow bottle. Does wonders with the hair!( and I have very demanding hair!)
~ my muse has returned, in a different form that is both scary and exciting. I am relieved.
~ I love Celebrity Fit Club! Don't let the fact that it is one of a thousand reality shows keep you from checking it out. It really is inspiring.
~ I have the same dream that repeats itself about once or twice a month, sometimes exactly the same, other times, with a few minor changes or additions. Does it mean anything? Or is it that my imagination will not shut off , ever?

A Canadian Spring

She kissed,
Faceless lips
Was the feel to her
Though it was still
Strong, nonetheless
Sensation that coursed
Through her whole
To where
The midnight,
Hadn’t been
For an eternity
It seemed.
She missed him
Blue-eyed sunshine,
So far
Yet she never,
Could make herself
Long enough
To let herself,
That he still
Her so.
And ,
She kissed
Blue-eyed lips
And left ajar,
The door.
Chrissie 09.17.06

Friday, September 15, 2006

I bought this album in cassette form wayyyyyyyyyyyy back in, was it '84? Yeah, that sounds right, 1984. I was with Maura R. that day, and we went to Check It Out records in Brockton, and that was when I bought this, for only one song- I don't think that I ever listened to the whole tape all the way through, just this one song over and over. It's an edgy, post punk song and it seemd to epitomise for me how I was feeling at that time; disinterested, unaffected, like the whole world awoke and slumbered wondering about what I was doing, and how my actions and words would affect it. I mean, there were times when I allowed myself to become consumed with so much prefabricated, meritless angst that I thought that I was just the coolest thing to ever walk the mean streets of the South Shore. Yeah. Right.
Anyways, I have had a mental image of this album cover permanently stuck in my brain for the past 22 years, remembered the name of the band, but do you think that I could remember the name of the damn song?? That song that merited my shelling out $6.99 for a cassette that would be if not for that song, useless and a waste of money? No!! How frustrating, to hear bits and pieces of that tune reverberating from ear to ear, and not even be able to catch the chorus, you know, the part that has the name of the song in it??
I was listening to Mix 98's Friday night 80's show, and heard Yaz's Don't Go, and I thought, "Duh, Chris why not just Google the lyrics that you do remember, and finally, finally lay this mystery to rest?" So I did. The name of the song is Effigy, and if you go to and look up the album, you'll be able to hear about 30 seconds of the song, as I just did.
Man, do I feel so much better. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 14, 2006

This quote bears repeating...

Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack. George S. Patton
Oh, sure... I go to build my display today at my last stop, and I am DENIED, denied I tell you because this pizza is $3.77 next week, and Dwaine gets the space!!
actually, I have to admit that it really didn't break my heart too too much to leave that last stop 45 minutes earlier than I had planned on. A silver lining on a slice o'dough! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nuff said. Posted by Picasa

Great all time movie line...

from 'Clerks'-
"this job would be great if it weren't for the fucking customers."
The writing of the poem below,'Visions' was a bit of a breakthrough for me, as it was not written with myself in mind. It is not a mini chronicle of my life, nor of my feelings; instead, the inspiration for it came from three different sources. The first is a person for whom true love has been found, but the ways needed to keep it close and physically strong have yet to be fully realised. The second is a Robert Frost poem, The Road not Taken, who's select lines have been playing in a radio commercial as of late, and therefore have stuck in my mind. And the third is a hat that I saw in a picture; yeah, a simple, brownish floppy hat. Go figure, huh?
Though I had written a poem a few years back for a friend regarding the death of a loved one, my poems tend to be a diary , if you will, about my life, hence why I called Visions a breakthrough.
Ah, the strength of the observant ocular mixed with an over active imagination!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Of Phallic Symbols and Easy Work Days

~ it is so cool to be able to have a conversation with a member of the opposite sex where the mention of penises is dropped a few times, and neither party feels uncomfortable nor threatened. In fact, I walked away from it laughing my butt off!
~ it was a blue-skied, sun setting 50 something degrees evening when I went out for my two mile walk, absolutely perfect weather! Shame on anyone with the ability to be out in it for not doing so- it was truly a gift.
~ today was by far the easiest work day that I have had in, honestly, 6 months.Thank God!!I needed it, badly.
~ being able to end my day with a hot cup of New England Coffee pumpkin spice coffee flavoured with non dairy creamer and two Sweet and Low while in the comfort and warmth of my own home makes me feel so very blessed.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Catch the fragments
In the
Light waves
That bounce,
In splendid, multi-
With every change
Of a
Blue eyed frame
Of the soon to be
Refracted from
What I,
Have been
And seen
As if it’s all
just meant,
To be
A fated path.
I saw you,
In my
Diamond vision
Hat in hand,
Five times,
The man
you wanted,
the world,
to believe
sometimes so clear
the picture,
is blinding
then with a slight
you’re not there
as if that
the way,
you’re meant,
to be
your fated path
To follow.
A confusing,
Of clarity,
I am open
To see.
Chrissie 09.11.06

Extreme Pet Peeves

~ allergies. They suck. Not sure what is bringing on this go-round, but I want them gone. NOW.
~ being hung up on, whether it be the traditional slam the phone down method, or the high tech abruptly sign out of IM while in the middle of a conversation way. Either way sucks.
~ people who can't offer up a simple, but effective 'excuse me' when they need to get to where you are. I swear, if I didn't need and like my job as much as I do, I would be just as rude as some of the ignoramus customers that push me aside, and I would push right back. Only much, much harder.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hey, Dwaine, my fave pizza guy...

did you /hear about the wicked Tom Reilly meltdown at the debate on the 7th??
It was
classic!! He is so toast!! I love it!
If I weren't voting for Mihos, I would seriously consider Gabrieli- scary, huh? But true...
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Don't Forget!
Don't be afraid to look and remember, for by doing so, it will help prevent this from happening again!
Don't Forget!
This was no accident, no action due to anything we did. This was done because yes, there are people out there who would like to see us all dead, for whatever the warped, sick, maniacal reason. Wake the hell up, America!
We have allowed ourselves to slip back into that 9/10 fat, lazy complacent state- stop it!! The state that tells us that it's somehow wrong to view the footage of watching people helplessly choose between a burning death, or a death that may, may somehow be less merciful if they jump from the 52nd floor, and die before they hit the ground... too soon to think of the terror that must have gripped the parents of a 2 year old girl on Flight 175 as they held her tight, seeing that absolute fear in her innocent eyes, knowing that within mere seconds, they and she would be horribly, brutally killed, and that there was not a damn thing that they could do about it... too painful to relive that day because it may somehow be too much of an inconvenience in our lives to do so, and hey, who wants to ruin a perfectly good day by reliving that nightmare again(??!!)...that it's somehow disrespectful to the survivors and their families to see and remember such things??
I didn't lose a loved one on that day, and I wasn't there, but I know that by seeing and remembering what happened isn't showing disrespect, it is in fact honouring and respecting the memories and lives of those who died, their survivors and those who were part of the massive rescue effort. These things will help to keep us vigilant and alert to the people who want us dead.
Please, go here- Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Question for the guys out there...

and I know you're out there, so answer away, s'il vous plait?
Do guys find it appealing when a girl is gullible, and I mean naturally gullible, easy to tease/fool, not just done as an act to gain attention, or dumb blonde type gullible?
and if so, why?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's rather ironic..

that I had the most uncontrollable urge today to listen to U2's War cd so I did, (and played track 9, Surrender, at least 5 times over) and then I came home, logged on, and proceeded to have my mind and senses feasted to the most wonderful short story, with words of Irish descent so well written, you could practically see the thick brogue drip in a most pleasing fashion from the page...
I will only post a lnk to said story when I get permission.
So there.
Yay, I have permission!! Enjoy!

Do you Dare you

Little whisper,
In my ear
don’t tell me what,
I need
to hear
for danger’s near
at my behest
my cards held tight,
against the vest
I’ve scattered carelessly,
In the
blink, of an
I’ve chosen more
fold back the corner
of the page
where I
And save,
for later.
my ears
unveil, my eyes
Chance encounter
so sweet,
my trepidation
pieces fall
to where,

way. Chrissie 09.07.06
Just received this from a friend- LOVE IT!!
Ah lad, upon the road of life ‘Tis best to dance with Chance's wifeAnd let the rain that comes in timeErase the footprints of the crime."–Patrick Kavanagh


Back in business, for now....
stupid computers