Sunday, April 30, 2006

It's about time we start enforcing the laws regarding these ILLEGAL ALIENS(not undocumented workers), and get them the hell out, and prevent more from coming!
You want to immigrate LEGALLY , and contribute positively and call yourself (in english) an AMERICAN ? Fine, then welcome to my country!
But hey, if you want to sneak in, overstay your visa, steal identities by way of phony/stolen Social Security cards,(which, by the by, does not constitute the paying of taxes, nor does sales tax) work under the table, send all of your money back to whatever hellhole you crawled out of, have countless anchor babies, receive free medical care....
then you get NO sympathy and NO support from me, and millions like me!!
Oh, and remember to wear black tomorrow. Go to work. Purchase goods and services as normal. And sing that anthem of ours loudly and proudly in english.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Had to miss the Christy Mihos event today, due to a sick kiddie.
Please, don't misunderstand, I feel for my daughter, and obviously am not leaving her when she doesn't feel good, but...
Oh, well, there is another event on Sunday.
Thank goodness she is not seriously ill!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

For the first time in a long time, I made it through the entire song without crying, without feeling sad, even. Ahhh, sweet freedom.

'you're losing all your highs and lows,
ain't it funny how
the feeling goes, away.'
- from Desperado

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just Me's....

~ Jesse Jackson has vowed to appeal the outcome of the mayoral race in New Orleans, even though it has not been decided yet. Huh???
~ Speaking again of the Reverend(and I use that term very lightly)- he has agreed to pay the college tuition for the alleged rape victim in the Duke case, whether she is found to be a true victim, or someone who made the story up for whatever reason. How nice. Will the Reverend afford that same generosity towards any of the 40-something Duke players, whether they are found guilty or innocent? The answer is a resounding NO and we all know it. Seems the rainbow in his coalition doesn't ever include the colour white.
~ Fake tans that are too dark and deep are pretty lame, but even moreso on people that are, shall I say, advanced in years? I saw a guy this week who must have been in his mid-60's with a tan that made him look ridiculous, the opposite I'm sure, of what he intended. And he was a good looking older guy, but man, that tan? UGHH. Made him look cheesy.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hey Jane, Laurie, and Tom.....

I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

We can complain that rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice that thorn bushes have roses.
-Abraham Lincoln

Sunday, April 16, 2006

NO WAY!! I know it's hard to believe, but Wells is hurt, AGAIN.

I'm trying really, really hard to still like this guy, I really am!! For one, he certainly does not fit the stereotypical mold physically for ball players which fascinates me. I mean, how can a man that size have the stamina to play? How did Fernando Valenzuela(sp), Mo Vaughn, Kirby Puckett? For his sheer size and marshmallow-iness alone, Wells is cool. He seemingly follows no-one, and perhaps answers to no-one, which is cool, also. And he's still got the drive and desire to play at the tender age of 43, and I like people who are in my age range that are defying the odds. So what's the problem??

I guess it's the fact that he didn't even want to be here this year, made it clear that he wanted to be traded, shows up to spring training late and unprepared, and totally bites his first time out this season. And then, acts a bit incredulous that the Fenway faithful were so quick to Boo him. Well, DUH, David, did you really expect anything else to happen? Take your less than stellar spring and add it to your wicked lousy start and of course you're going to get Booed! You should know us Boston fans better than that! Yeah, we can be tough, perhaps a bit hasty to criticise at times, I admit, but hey; more knowledgable, faithful fans you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere in baseball.

So that's my problem with the Sta-Puf man. I don't think that I'll ever get off of the Wells fence as far as my opinion of him is concerned. But being the true-blue, diehard Sox fan that I am, I will just revel in my Wells misery till either the end of the season, or the end of his season, whichever comes first.
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ROBIN REDBREAST : Legend has it that the robin received its red breast from trying to remove the bloody thorns from Christ's head at the Crucifixion, with a small drop of His blood falling on the bird and injuring itself in the process.
Whether the aforementioned legend holds true or not, we will never know; but, I do know that I just absolutely love these little robins! They were my favorite as a kid, and still are today. When I see them hopping about, I know that spring in it's full blush is truly a-comin'!

Recent(and very good!)Reads

Buried Treasures of New England
Women Who Make the World Worse

Two books that are on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum, as far as seriousness of content and the ability to rile a person can be, but both well worth the time, especially Women Who Make the World Worse!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter, one and all!!!

and for all of you tree-hugging, tyed-dyed greenheads out there, don't forget your.....

Free-Range Peeps!!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

To most Democrats and especially more than a few Republicans..

Sunday, April 09, 2006

More Mihos ....
Funny how this rally received so much coverage- NOT.

Would you give a heroine addict a syringe filled with anything but heroine...

and then tell that addict that by 'shooting up' with a safe alternative to heroine that he/she would be able to kick the habit safely? Doesn't make too much sense, does it? I mean, is not part of the addict's problem with quitting the fact that the mere act of shooting up is a habit to break, in and of itself, and a majour part of their addiction? That not only does the heroine addict need to overcome the addictive, deadly properties of the drug , but that he/she needs to completely turn their lives upside down, undo bad habits, and learn new, healthy ones? So if that heroine addict is still performing the act of shooting up, wouldn't it lead one to believe that he/she will have a much, much harder time kicking the habit if they are continually engaging in the one act that delivered the drug to them? I believe the latter to be true, and you can apply that reasoning to cigarette smokers, as well.
I have been quit for almost 6 years now, and honestly, if I had tried to quit by using 'herbal' cigarettes, or any kind of pseudo cigarette, I would still be smoking 2 packs a day today. Why? I enjoyed smoking, enjoyed the feeling of drawing on that cancer stick, and feeling the smoke hit the back of my throat. I enjoyed holding a cigarette; in fact, even after I had been quit for about 2 years, I still found myself, on rare occassions, holding my fingers as if I were holding a cigarette, found myself reaching for that imaginary ashtray, because part of the addiction is the act of doing it and the little nuances, if you will, that go with it. I did not smoke; I was a bit taken aback that after 2 years, I could still find myself going through some of the smoking motions, but I took it for what it was, an ingrained habit dying hard, and I learned form it, and moved on. So you see, if I had been 'smoking' an herbal cigarette, I would have still been smoking, still going through those motions that had helped to feed my addiction. And besides, who ever said that smoking is meant to be exclusively tobacco? If you smoke oregano, pot, grass clippings, lettuce leaves, are you not still smoking?? Don't fool yourselves into thinking that smoking anything other that tobacco is ok, or helpful, because it's not! Let's be serious here; would you go and wrap your mouth around an exhaust pipe? Same thing, in my estimation.
Which brings me to this, which is what triggered this posting in the first place. I heard their ad on the radio for the first time last week, and became really angry at the way that this company is misleading the public on their product. They tout how their 'cigarettes' look and draw like a real cigarette, but with none of the harmful stuff found in cigarettes;how can that not be good for you!!? They are, after all, made with real quality lettuce leaves, so that should allay alot of fears, yes? And it should make all of those who are contemplating quitting feel better knowing that they are replacing the deadly habit for a healthier one! Cool, huh?
Not. Smoking is smoking, and if you truly want to quit smoking and all that encompasses the act and art, if you will, of smoking then in my opinion, these Bravo smokes, or anything like them are not the way to go. Don't waste your time, nor your money.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I broke down today, and did it...

I called the doc, and made an appointment. There has to be a reason why I am so tired, exhausted even, alot of the time. I mean, I will get up at my usual time, do my workout, and I could still after that go back to sleep! I sometimes fall asleep early in the evening. I have a few other ailments that I will keep to myself, but when they are added to this feeling of worries me, and quite frankly, exasperates the hell out of me!
So off to the doc I go, next Wednesday. I plan to bring a printout of my workout schedule, along with a week's worth of food/calorie/etc intake, along with a detailed list of exactly what is wrong, so that I don't forget anything while I am there. And I want tests done. No, I do not wish for there to be anything seriously wrong with me; I am not a weirdo! But I do want to know why I have been feeling as crappy as I have.
So wish me luck, ok?

So I received a call from the Mihos campaign today...

asking me what I would like to do, RE: volunteer work, and asking for ideas on how to get Christy's word out. Of course, I said that I will do any kind of volunteer work that time permits , as I truly believe that Christy will make an excellent governor, and be a breathe of fresh air for this stagnant state. But...I became uncharacteristically tongue-tied when asked for ideas! Damn, I was angry at myself ( and embarrasssed, too!) for not being able to come up with a few amazingly witty and provocative ideas, and just when I thought that I had made a complete ass of myself, I remembered this , my blog! Why not offer to get the word out on my blog? The gentleman that I spoke to seemed to like the idea, and also was understanding of my lack of experience(and witty/provocative ideas!)
So, here is an offering to all of my fellow sufferers here in lovely Taxachusetts as to why you should not only consider Christy for governor, but vote for him as well. I can't promise that I will'pound the pavement', shall I say, here everyday, but I will offer up any Christy news and views that I find pertinent when I can.

So, for your enjoyment and enlightenment, here is the following from, regarding Christy's Proposition 1:

Last year, Massachusetts was one of only three states to lose people, and it was the second year in a row that we ended the year with fewer people than we started with. Massachusetts is the only state in the entire country that can make that claim.
Making matters worse, these numbers aren’t just a blip. If you don’t count foreign immigrants, we’ve been losing more people than we attract every year since 1990. And it’s certainly not because of the cold weather. New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine are gaining new citizens, and a lot of them are coming from the Bay State.
This should concern all of us. Without question, Massachusetts is the greatest state in the entire nation. We offer the beauty of Cape Cod’s beaches and the wonders of the Berkshire Mountains. We’re home to quaint New England communities, the glorious fishing and sailing communities of Gloucester and Marblehead, and the incomparable histories of Boston, Springfield, Worcester, Fall River, New Bedford, Lawrence, Lowell, Lynn, and my hometown, Brockton. We host the world’s greatest universities, the smartest population, and the Boston Red Sox.
So why would people leave?
I’ve traveled the state asking that question, and time and again, the answer is the same: skyrocketing property taxes. Most families I’ve chatted with have said they would move back to Massachusetts in a heartbeat – but only if they could afford it.
As Governor, I’ll pursue comprehensive property tax reform.
As it stands, Massachusetts localities are more dependent on property taxes today than they’ve been at any point in nearly 25 years. When you combine that fact with our booming residential real estate market, ever-increasing property taxes are easily explained.
I’m going to call my proposal Proposition 1, and I pledge to introduce it in the very first budget I submit. If the Legislature fails to act, I’ll organize and promote efforts to get it before the voters. Here’s what it’ll do:
As it stands today in Massachusetts, with Proposition 2 ½, you can’t be billed more than 2.5 percent of your home’s assessed value; generally, houses are reassessed every three years.
Further, each town’s levy – its total of tax bills – cannot increase by more than 2.5 percent each year (excluding new and expanded buildings). However, some properties within a town grow in value faster than others, and sometimes there is a shift from commercial property to residential. Add to this the overrides that pass, and we have a system in which property taxes can be as volatile as the real estate market. That’s why many Bay State residents are being taxed out of their homes.
Under California’s Proposition 13 – a ballot initiative that passed in 1978 – property values remain constant from the time of purchase and are reassessed when the property is sold. If Massachusetts had a similar system, it would provide more certainty to homeowners as to what their tax bills will be in future years. Instead of the potential for erratically-increasing property taxes, there would be more stability for those who stay in their homes, and for new owners, the tax amount would depend almost exclusively on the voluntary act of purchase.
Proposition 1 will provide this same certainty and stability.
Some people claim that this proposal will prevent new residents from moving to Massachusetts, because a new resident may find himself paying a greater sum this his next-door neighbor.
But the fact is simple: New residents will determine exactly how much their property taxes will be, because their taxes will be based not on their neighbors taxes, but on the price they voluntarily agree to pay.
Moreover, the fact that some residents will end up paying more than others for their local services shouldn’t be a concern. Services have never been related to the amount a homeowner pays in property taxes. If they were, the local fire station would only fight fires in a community’s most expensive homes. Property taxes go to a community’s general fund – and local public officials determine how to spend the money.
To compensate for the revenue limitations that may result, I pledge to set aside 40 percent of the state’s annual tax revenues for local aid. Today, less than 30 percent of tax receipts go to support localities. Such an increase would have a profound impact on municipal finances, and would provide certainty to officials about the level of aid that could be depended upon as they develop their annual budgets.
This part of my plan has come straight from the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, an independent, nonpartisan organization that focuses on state spending and tax policies. Their work on this topic has convinced me as to just how important it is. Dedicating 40 percent of tax revenues to municipalities will be an extraordinary commitment, but an extraordinary commitment is essential to our future success.
And to make sure that our priorities remain straight, the third component of Proposition One would stipulate that public schools in Massachusetts must be free of fees. By the time the full 40 percent proposal is in effect, all academic and activity fees must be removed from the local schools. There’s simply no excuse for such fees, and the state shouldn’t be putting localities in a position where they feel as if they have to penalize their own children for being active and involved in school activities.
Proposition 1 is a bold idea, and that’s what my campaign is all about.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Nothing like...

some Python after a hard day's work.
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