Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am seriously thinking of going back to school...

in the summer.
What do you think?
Should I?
I mean, I LOVE school, and only stopped for financial reasons, and now that I am getting back on my feet, I think that starting up again( only 1 course per semester) would be very do-able.
should I stay? or should I go?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Any Donation...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

This site is cool!!!

and here's my walk- I hope that this link works!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Do You Live in Massachusetts?

Do you think that it is WRONG to give in-state tuition to ILLEGAL immigrants??
Do you want to DO something to help stop Deval(Yes We Can! wreck Massachusetts)Patrick from by-passing the legislature and committing such an egregious act??
Then please, go here: and show your support, and STOP ScrewusallDeval!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Feel a poem..

or some such musing coming on, but can't seem to get out of my own way to get it from head to PAPER- ggrrrrrrrrr, this is so aggravating!! I'm trying...

oh, and by the by..
I haven't smoked like..68, 860 cigarettes since I quit the cancer sticks on June 25, 2000.
Not bad, huh?

Oh, and for the record?
~ Roger Clemens is such a LOSERCRYBABY!!!! You did 'roids, Roger- just admit it, goshdamnit, and stop insulting the intelligence of the fans of the game. and most importantly, the intelligence and integrity of yuor children.You fuckup.
~ Jim Rice was passed over for the Hall AGAIN???? COME ON!!! And Bert Blyleven was passed over, also??? What is wrong with those who vote??
and some nonrelated asides...
~ever feel like picking a fight, pushing someone's buttons for no apparant reason? And ever feel ashamed for doing so?
~Reese(sp) Hopkins, the new talk show host from 10a.m. -12p.m. on WRKO is fantabulous!! Check him out, you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

'Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?'

"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"
'Anger is an Energy..'
from P.I.L.'s Rise
do you think that this is true?
Me? Yes- it can be used in a positive or negative fashion. That's totally up to the owner, yes?
Moi? I'm venting my anger through my non-sensical musings here on my wicked big blog, as opposed to punching someone's f'ing lights out....
works for me
Oh, and by the way, I met Beth from She is way cool, as is her blog- check it out sometime, well worth the perusal.

Now that I have the aforementioned outta the way...

I am getting my new 'puter around the 20th- YAY!!! It;s a Toshiba laptop w/printer and router, 160gb, a wicked lot of mh's going to be cool, and it won't be my son's, it'll be MINE!! YAY!!!
I go in fits and starts with the writing in case you haven't noticed) so as always, I beg for your patience and understanding, The last 6 months were ROUGH, and totally sucked( no pay for 3 weeks tends to make on cranky), but tings are looing up-FINALLY.....

What makes a fool?
Is it one who believes unconditonally,
trusts unconditionally?
Is it an intelligent person,
or a dim one?
Is it a clueless type,
or one who should know better>
Is it a thinker,
or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your -pants type?

Would you know a fool if you saw one?
Try a mirror.....

This fits so perfectly...( oh, and Shirley Manson RULES!!)

this one's for you, C.M.- fuck you

Garbage- Stupid Girl

You pretend youre high
You pretend youre bored
You pretend youre anything
Just to be adored
And what you need
Is what you get
Dont believe in fear
Dont believe in faith
Dont believe in anything
That you cant break
You stupid girl
You stupid girl
All you had you wasted
All you had you wasted
What drives you on
what drives you on
Can drive you mad
can drive you mad
A million lies to sell yourself
Is all you ever had
Dont believe in love
Dont believe in hate
Dont believe in anything
That you cant waste
You stupid girl
You stupid girl
Cant believe you fake it
Cant believe you fake it
Dont believe in fear
Dont believe in pain
Dont believe in anyone
That you cant tame
You stupid girl
You stupid girl
All you had you wasted
All you had you wasted
You stupid girl
You stupid gir
lCant believe you fake it
Cant believe you fake it
You stupid gir
lYou stupid gir
lCant believe you fake it
Cant believe you fake it
You stupid girl
Garbage lyrics