Wednesday, April 20, 2005

~Responsibilites~(cetera desunt)
if you say( or do) something,
and my feelings get
if I become,
sad, or
is that
Your fault,
or Mine?
Is it simply
to deal with?
Do I,
and I alone
create the hurt,
and sadness?
To a degree
in part,
I suppose
but you see,
it takes
to make a thing work,
or Not.
I can control,
how I may feel,
and act
it would seem
easy, to see
that it
to help to bring on the
negativity by first
creating it
(vis a vis with insults or
broken promises or
lies or simply bad behaviour)
or by taking another's
or faults,
or bad decisions
and expanding on them.
you see,
it's not just my
Yours, too.
quit ducking
stop running;
control is not an absolute
that reigns over,
human emotion.
we let, our guard
we love
we let in
become aware
and no-one that possesses
a soul
can deny,
that for as strong as a person
can make you,
without surrender
you cry.

Chrissie 04.20.05

Sunday, April 17, 2005

It's like I tell my daughter when..

she gets upset at times because she doesn't have 'alot' of friends. I tell her that it doesn't matter the amount of friends that you have; what matters is how that special friend( or friends), you know, the truly close and 'true blue' ones , what matters most is how good that they make you feel, how they are always there for you.. through your whining as well as those times when all is right with the world that you are in... through the arguements/disagreements. And it's so cool to know that the friendship is strong enough to withstand about anything, with you both realising that it takes work, but that that work is not thought of in a begrudging fashion...moreso, it's looked at as a labour of love. And maybe the coolest of all, is that all of this patience and understanding and respect and genuine love goes both ways...
Maybe at the tender age that my daughter is at, all of this isn't clear to her just yet; but I hope that she will be as lucky as I am to be blessed with some damn terrific friends.
I have a feeling she will.

Monday, April 11, 2005


I've been nominated for the National Dean's List!!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Just a thought....

Cruising ,
and listening to Human League's
'Don't You Want Me, Baby?'
and I just break into a pleasingly,
mischievious smile as I
Being oh, about 18 , 19,
somewhere's around there
and cruising in Jim's huge woody station wagon,
destination, sometimes, but not always,unknown
drinking Riunite Lambrusco
(yes, I KNOW, no comments, please)
with Jean and Kim and Dave and Jon,
(my best friends through those oh so
important and true character forming
Young Adult years)
and wondering if Jon LIKED me,
or liked me
just a little more,
to ask me out,
(you remember, how it went)
but not worrying about it too, too much,
(because in retrospect, though I couldn't see
It at the time, I knew it would be
ok, if he didn't, guess I was more self assured
than I ever really knew)
and smoking far too many cigarettes
Jim surfing the radio dial
searching for the 'big hit' of the week,
the latest New Wave, Post Punk
that would , upon hearing it's first notes
emanate from the Alpine Sound System speakers
create six people
to break out into oh so wicked happy,
piss poor sing-alongs
and synchronised, unabashed
(but we didn't care, how bad the voices, how silly the movements
the music was so good,
the atmosphere, priceless)
Jon and Dave mooning passing cars,
and me and Jean and Kim,
pretending not to notice
(but oh, we did!),
getting home
well past the time,
that the mouse hit the clock, and it
struck one
(and knowing that,plans for the next night,
didn't have to necessarily be 'made,
cause we would all, or in part, get together,
the radio continued, to play
after another
(not the Alpine,
but the Ford factory special, with cd player
no cassettes here)
The Go-Go's
Simple Minds
and on
some selections I liked, some I could have
without hearing
but I
relaxed, didn't do it
(let my sometimes musical snobbery
cloud my
good time, that is)
and I travelled,
backwards and forwards
between 18(or 19, somewhere's thereabouts)and
almost 41,
between 40 and 45 on the speedometer dial,
carefully gyrating,
and singing
Chrissie 04.09.05

Thursday, April 07, 2005


If I want to experience 'drama', I have a 13 year old who can wax tragic better than anyone else I know.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

We all...

seem to be standing about,
like cats
in a window seat bowed
with heads outstreched upwards,
towards the warmth.
the kind that gently seeps into
your pores,
brightens the scenes that lie
your closed eyes
in a semi, dream-like
reveling in
the absoluteness
the pureness,
of an early April
of Spring.
Chrissie 04.06.05

RED SOX World Series Championship Trophy, baby!! Posted by Hello
This pic was taken at the Whitman, Ma. town hall, one of the many stops the trophy made around New England in celebration of my beloved Sox winning the World Series.
The Yankees may have one the first two games of this season, BUT.. we are the ones who will be receiving the World Championship rings on the 11th.HAHAHAHAHA!!
How Sweet it Is!!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Pope John Paul II

I am not a Catholic, but he touched me, and made quite an impression, just the same. Testament to how amazing he was, in his ability to reach so very many.
I realise that death must come to all of us,and while the world can take what the pope gave to us, and learn and continue to do good from it, I still can't help but feel that we will be at a loss for not having him here to show and teach us even more.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Don't Be Fooled

~Jane Fonda has not now nor EVER apologised for helping to kill American soldiers in Vietnam.She has called what she did a "lapse in judgement"..??? lapse in judgement?? My God! Then, she went on to say (and I am not quoting word for word), that she felt that she needed to do something to expose the lies about the war. Could she not have found a better, less MURDEROUS way of protesting the war??
~Jane Fonda would have people believe that she feels that she 'betrayed' her country, and feels badly about it. Amazing how her purging of her soul(?) coincides with the release of her new book!! Wow, go figure, huh?? Funny, how it took her only 33 years.... An admission of betrayal IS NOT an apology, Jane.
~ Some have said that this is a good step in the right direction, that this 'admission'of Jane's will somehow help to erase all of the crap that she has said and did, and ease the pain and deep anymosity that is still felt by so many. Please. This is nothing but a well planned publicity stunt to bolster sales of her book, and I am SURE that a movie for Jane is on the not too distant horizon.
~ Hanoi Jane ~ the traitor who committed treason, will forever and always be, for me, just that;Hanoi Jane.