Friday, March 31, 2006


~because lilacs are my absolutely favorite flower.
~because the first sight of them ranks right up there with hearing those peepers for the first time.
~ because I am suffering from a wicked case of spring fever.
And lastly, beause I have had a day full of news that has really rankled me, and I need to detox for the evening, so what better way than ......Lilacs!!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just to set the record straight...

Ok, here is a still from the fairly new Ocean Spray commercial, where two workers are in the bog waxing whatever on the merits of eating cranberries and cranberry products. The older gentleman is assumed to be the smarter one, whereas the younger guy is the..comic relief, the cute in his slightly daft way one, shall we say. The older one says something, and the younger one responds with an "Eh." Now I know this sounds trivial, and it is, but tough; it's my blog, and I can get trivial if I want to. People from Massachusetts do not say "Eh". People from Canada have been known to say "Eh"; people from Maine have been known to utter it at times, along with "Eyah" but not people from Ma.! Furtehrmore, no matter how much Hollywood butchers the Massachusetts/Boston accent, we do not sound anything like the damn Kennedys!! God only knows where their annoying accent came from, but it's not from around here! And I have yet to run across anyone in my almost 42 years in the state who sounds anything like LiveShot Kerry! Hell, I don't think even he knows what is accent really sounds like! Listen to his hypocritical, self-serving anti-war speech from the early 70's , and then give a listen(if you can stand it!) to him now. Is he the same person? Can he "Get me a huntin' license here?" Funny how he sounded so not Brahmin during the election while out of the state amongst the 'real people', huh??
Hey, we all have those little stupid things that annoy the piss out of us, even though we know it's stupid to let them, so here was one of mine. And remember, Pahk the Cah in Hahvahd Yahd-now that's more like it! Hollywood, everyone, you got that? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Well, at least it is a spring like day today! Sunny, about 50-something degrees with nary a cloud in the sky, and my day off-(YAY!!) so I was able to take advantage of all this springy-ness.
Anyhoo, I was out doing a few leisurely laps around the park, and I couldn't help but notice all of the little kiddies running around, playing ball, swinging in the playground, chasing robin redbreasts, and just being kids. It was so nice to see all of the people out enjoying the sun and this beautiful park that I am fortunate enough to live right across the street from.
It was cool to see the newly hatched(I think, least they looked to be that way) bees feeding on the nectar of the barely risen clover, so refreshing to breathe deeply, and catch nothing but clean air, (with just a hint of water in it), so incredibly rejuvenating to sit on the park bench and let the rays of the sun that is getting stronger every day penetrate my whiter than white face. It's a day like today that just makes a person glad to be alive, and aware enough to enjoy it.
And one last thing about the kiddies; do you ever wish that you could go back to being, say, two years old, just for a brief tick of the clock,and have the ability to truly enjoy being pushed in a carriage while you nap? Or be able to retain that feeling of complete comfort and safety and dependency, and draw from it in adulthood? I mean, I know a few people that possess fabulous memories, even remembering when they were three years old, but not one of them confesses to being able to recall the aforementioned. Wouldn't it be cool? Or is it that we still have the ability to feel that way, that being pushed in a carriage in the sun while we nap state, but are just too jaded or busy or stressed out to see it for what it is and enjoy it when we get it?

Monday, March 27, 2006

One Day Down...

eleven to go, without buying a coffee, that is! I tell ya, I really wanted that Honey Dew Mocha Iced, but I resisted!!! I did not give in!!
And what do you know- I lived to tell about it!


and fade to silence, as he was.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


people won't be saying, "Did you see that UConn game?" Instead, they will be saying, "Did you see the George Mason game??!!"
The smaller guys from the lower seeded school eliminated the taller, bigger guys from the number one school- what a game!!!
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Nothings in Particular..

~ did you know that a Big Grab bag of Doritos is equal to 3 servings, and packs a fat wallop of 19 grams??? YIKES, so glad that I opted to NOT indulge in them yesterday!
~ there is something unnatural about choosing the sex of your unborn baby.
~ push yourself hard when reaching to attain a certain goal, and don't look at the sacrifices along the way as sacrifices; instead, view them as achievements, small victories that will culminate into that one big victory that you are hoping for. Along with the victory you will have, you will also acquire some kickin' self satisfaction!
~ can I forego my HoneyDew iced coffee for the next two weeks, so as to save the money to buy a program on how to learn Gaelic? Sure, I could just click 'PURCHASE' right now and be done with it(and faster, too), but I want to see if I have the willpower to physically save for it. Think I can do it?

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Sometimes if we think too much, then the beauty gets lost in the translation;but then again, we can get hung up on misinterpretations, so what is it , anyways?? This or that, yes or no, a firm but flexible maybe?? Ask, don't ask. Test the limb, see if it holds the weight; venture out, or play it safe? And would the knowing make a difference, or good if only to soothe a curiously troubled soul?
His shoulders he shrugged; he just didn't know.

Friday, March 24, 2006


"He's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy buff, and after only one workout!" Posted by Picasa

I heard peepers this evening!!!

As I was coming out of the Stoppie's in Whitman, I heard them, in the patch of woods across the street from the store; PEEPERS!!
Which means...SPRING!! There is nothing quite like the melodic , one of a kind sound of countless numbers of male peepers going girl crazy in the trees. It really is quite amazing, that beautiful noise that they make, seeing as they are an inch or less in body sizeThey are, you could say, like nature's own amplifiers that even go up to #11!!
I'll tell ya- hearing them 'sing' for the first time every season is a special event that I will never tire of! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 23, 2006


(A Non-Day)

and she wanted to laugh, while he cried
though she really,
didn't know why
maybe to see, if there was someone,
some bit of breathing
that could keep her,
from leaving
to turn, the tables
So he could hold her,
while she cried.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ummm..Mr. Kraft??? Are you awake? Do you not have a brain?? You let Adam Vinatieri get away, the best kicker in football, the reason for two of our three superbowl wins?? You couldn't find it in your vast wallet to pay him what he is worth, especially after you have let go how many other players???? What the f*** is wrong with you????? Please allow me to voice the sentiments of Patriot fans everywhere...
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Oh, and something to file under the 'No good deed goes unpunished' file-
Bronson Arroyo accepts a contract for less money, (against the advice of his agent), to stay with the home town team that he loves, the Red Sox, knowing that he'd be traded someday, but figuring that he'd at least get to complete his contact....and what do the Sox do in return to thank him for his loyalty????
Yes, you guessed right!! THEY TRADE HIM!!!
I ask, who is more f***ed up, Kraft, or the Doogie Howser of baseball,Theo Epstein????

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The waters off of the Irish Riviera have a fickle undercurrent; will they be strong enough to knock even the heartiest man off of his feet, or will they pass around the knees with just enough presence to let you know that they are there, without being overpowering?
It's an intriguing curiosity, don't you think, this game that is played without either player even knowing that they have suited up, until both parties look at each other and in silent tandem let out a short-breathed 'WOW'?
He talked of nothing, and everything; and though she tried to affect her aloof best, a parade of insistent WOW's filled her head.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Caught ya outta the corner of my eye, I did, but I decided not to pursue the inclination, as the time being as it was viewed through that tiny chance of a glance needed nothing further. "At least, not for me", She mused.
A deliciously pink moment, it was.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOM!!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 18, 2006


"Idle chit-chat with treasured acquaintances is at times so much better than an in depth raking of the soul, and the 151st playing of U2's Boy can , on the right day, completely top my fave Saturday morning talk radio show", She mused to no-one but herself. "Sometimes you just need to be uncomplicated." And she cleared her mind.
The new handbag that was a veritable steal sitting beside her on the passenger side was the perfect punctuation to the unapologetic vacuousness that She happily resided in that day.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

~ a little obscurity to get one to thinking is never a bad thing.~
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Perhaps this exuberance was transcending the 'nothing more, nothing less' state it was in?? She wasn't sure, but She also knew that deep down, in those places where She feared sometimes to tread , that She was not displeased with the way it made her feel, this strange, sporadic show of joy.
Questions asked, answers only half given, but that was okay because it's not so much knowing how to dance in any right way, but learning to just do it, whichever way you can, when the moment presents itself.
The sun on her face felt like a twelve year old's first dance on that afternoon's westward ride.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


"American men in berets look...scary. It's just not natural", She thought as he passed by, and then wondered why it mattered to her at all. It didn't really, She concluded; it was just one of those randoms that pop into the head from time to time. She , in fact, had nothing against berets per se, (or the unknown wearer of said beret, for that matter), though they were hardly her headwear of choice.
"Do you ever wonder why the obvious can be so damn hard to see?", She asked non- rhetorically. "Some people just can't see the forest for the trees. And besides, look at the source!", her friend replied with a sardonic screw of her face. But She knew that there was more to the source than was meeting the eye, if one just looked beyond what appeared to be the obvious. Hmmm- irony at it's finest.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


In noisy cerebral midnights came scattered vignettes, all distant and gauzy, and in her subconscious eye, She tried to make out the meanings. It was as if the one reelers that were playing behind her eyes were for a nano were reality, almost as if She could touch the face that was from that familiar place, attach a reason to the voice, something concrete, something so not like pretend...
and as her body begged for a toss-and-turn moment, the abstract wonderfulness of it all ran through her hands like watercolors on a page turned straight upright; and in the dark, She reveled in sleepy remembrance.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


"He was very exuberant today," she said in a not so detached way.
"And that was good, yes?", friend of She asked, probing just a bit, but there was no need to. She loved his exuberance for the sheer reflective joy of itself, nothing more, nothing less.
A half moon curve of a smile graced her lips, as the evening turned in for the night.
"Next to the Sex Pistols, Rock and Roll and that hall of fame is a piss stain."
Quoted by Johhny Rotten in a letter to the Hall of Fame that was read last night at the awards ceremony, upon their refusal of the award.
They will forever be just too damn f**ing cool.Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 13, 2006

Hi!! Posted by Picasa And yes, Tom, I know it is very TA-DA-ish, but it's the best I had! So there!

Friday, March 10, 2006

'You think you're so illustrious, you call yourself, Intense.'

from Bye Bye Love, The Cars

I was listening to some Cars music this evening, and thinking of what a massive crush I had on this guy, back in my early teens- man, was he gorgeous! Still so hard to believe that he's been gone about 6 years now.. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's almost time...(THANKFULLY)

for baseball in Boston in spring, so therefore, it is time once again for this:
Tessie is the Royal Rooters rally cry
Tessie is the tune they always sung
Tessie echoed April through October nights
After serenading Stahl, Dinneen and Young
Tessie is a maiden with a sparkling eye
Tessie is a maiden with a love
She doesn't know the meaning of her sight
She's got a comment full of love
And sometimes when the game is on the line
Tessie always carried them away
Up the road from "Third Base" to Huntington
The boys will always sing and sway
Two! Three! Four!
Tessie, "Nuf Ced" McGreevey shouted
We're not here to mess around
Boston, you know we love you madly
Hear the crowd roar to your sound
Don't blame us if we ever doubt you
You know we couldn't live without you
Tessie, you are the only only only
The Rooters showed up at the grounds one day
They found their seats had all been sold
McGreevey led the charge into the park
Stormed the gates and put the game on hold
The Rooters gave the other team a dreadful fright
Boston's tenth man could not be wrong
Up from "Third Base" to Huntington
They'd sing another victory song
Two! Three! Four!
Tessie, "Nuf Ced" McGreevey shouted
We're not here to mess around
Boston, you know we love you madly
Hear the crowd roar to your sound
Don't blame us if we ever doubt you
You know we couldn't live without you
Tessie, you are the only only only
The Rooters gave the other team a dreadful fright
Boston's tenth man could not be wrong
Up from "Third Base" to Huntington
They'd sing another victory song
Two! Three! Four!
Tessie, "Nuf Ced" McGreevey shouted
We're not here to mess around
Boston, you know we love you madly
Hear the crowd roar to your sound
Don't blame us if we ever doubt you
You know we couldn't live without you
Tessie, you are the only only only
Don't blame us if we ever doubt you
You know we couldn't live without you
Boston, you are the only only only
Don't blame us if we ever doubt you
You know we couldn't live without you
Red Sox, you are the
Hey, Sox fans! There is no way that you can listen to this and not get fired up!!

Multiply what you see in this picture...

by 5 more kids, in4 more stores, and this is what I have had to endure all week long. Spoiled brat kids whining, yelling(LOUDLY!), and crying as if they had been whacked with a bat, all because they were denied a cookie, a Beanie Baby or some such other trivial thing that they don't really need anyways. The difference between the pic and the reality of this week from retail hell is that the parent in the pic is wisely removing the brat from the store, thereby sparing everyone else the glory and wonder of Little Johnny or Susie's temper tantrum, whereas the dimwitted Mommmies that I have encountered have allowed their lil sweeties to carry on as if it were the norm!! Oh, sorry- a few have threatened the brats with the one thing that strikes fear into the hearts of kids everywhere, the dreaded TIME OUT.Please, time out?? Kida fear that like they do DisneyWorld! One Mom actually told her 2 year old that he needed to pull himself together, and then proceeded to leave Screamin' Sam in the carriage while she sauntered a ways down the aisle to get something else!! Gee, thanks, hon, just what I needed, pierced eardrums, and never mind the fact that the kid could have tantrumed himself right out of the carriage, and seriously hurt himself!
I don't blame the kids for this behaviour so much as the parents, but that is neither here nor there for this writing. And, I do not expect kids to be perfect(mine sure weren't/aren't!). All I want to say is PLEASE, PLEASE all Moms and Dads out there- please don't bring your bundles of joy shopping when they are overtired, starving or both?? And if you must, then please, try a little harder to be respectful of everyone else around you, and control them a little better?? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Want to know Mihos' thoughts on things?

Watch This...

It's So Cool...

when you come to the realisation that:
~it's not just you.
~you can spot something spurious a mile away, and it's ok, despite the disappointment.
~ingenuousness is something that you thankfully didn't miss.
~a smile, just a smile, is indubitably the very best of all.
~a whole bevy of people spouting I Love You's pales in comparison to the one who truly means it.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Awwww, Poor Baby...

The mere fact that he put some of his shady dealings in his kids' names warrants a nice long stay in jail; how disgusting!! Bet he wasn't too teary eyed as he was screwing all of those Enron workers out of their livelihoods. What a scumbag. Posted by Picasa
Hey, Johnny Corporate(or Johnny Sellout, they both fit) - Break a leg. Really. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 06, 2006

If you are ever in Eastham, Cape Cod, Ma....

go here:

and catch a viewing of The Sands of Time(description of which at above website). It is so late '70's-early '80's; kind of reminds you of those educational shortie films you would watch in school, but it is cool. And, it is another favourite with the younger of the Brewer clan, so really, ya can't go wrong!

He was Robert's fave as a kid, hence, he was a fave of mine.So young to die- prayers to his family and friends. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Some people really SUCK!!

Mar 5, 2006 7:00 am US/Eastern
Hacker Steals Personal Bank Account Information
(CBS4) If you use a debit card and live in Fitchburg or Leominster, investigators say keep an eye on your account. The Office of Consumer Affairs says a computer hacker stole personal Visa debit card information from about one dozen residents in these cities. The person then used the numbers to make fraudulent transactions in other countries totaling about $2,000.If you find any unauthorized activity, you should report it to you bank and police.
(© MMVI, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

~Please, be so careful when conducting transactions with your debit/credit cards!
~Be careful not to let anyone observe you entering your pin #!
~If making a purchase online on an unsecured computer, make sure to log off of the site you purchased from!
~ Shred/rip up all receipts!
~ Call your bank's 800# to check on your account daily!
The last may sound like I am being anal, but at least I know what my balance is( minus outstanding checks), and I know what transacations were made when. Recently, my bank called me to inform me that their system may have been compromised, and that new debit cards needed to be issued. "Cool, I said, do you need to cancel my card now?" No, was the response, you can wait until your new card comes in within 10 days like other people are, but she recommended that I cancel it then and there. I mean, why give anyone more opportunity than they already have?I mean, it would be like being told that there is someone in your neighbourhood breaking into homes, and then deciding to leave your doors unlocked! So cancel it, I did, and yes, it is a pain in the ass not having my money ready at the swipe of a card(I swear, writing checks is soooo awkward!), but if it means that my funds are safe, then trust me, I will survive.
A mutual acquaintance of me and my friend recently had her checking account hacked into by way of her pin#, and though all her money -$50.00 is safe, the worry and hassle that she had to endure was amazing.
So please, please, be smart, be aware, and do all you can to protect what is yours, and yours alone!!! Oh, and the scumbags who hack/steal identities and take what isn't theirs should be severely punished!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Do you...

~ buy the Greatest Hits, or live dangerously and buy the album with the one song you like, while unfamiliar with the others?
~ can one live 'on the edge' without being totally drastic? Are there set rules/ levels of walking the knife's edge? If so(tho I doubt it) who the hell set them, anyway?
~ would you have to be totally inebriated to do karaoke?(Yes)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Hi, Tom!!!! Posted by Picasa
It's FINALLY baseball season!!!(well, spring training, close enough!)
Gooooooooooooo, Sox!!! and the Yankees? Well you know what they do....

(LOVE this picture) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 02, 2006

'Can I bring you, out in the light?
my curiosity's got me tonight.'- from Dangerous Type, by the Cars

So I lived on the edge today- wayyyy on the edge. I wore light blue cords. Really, no kidding, the female Johhny Cash of Whitman, the monochromatic wonder that I am, wore light blue cords today.
I was out and about shopping yesterday, and saw them on the rack, wedged tight between the other cords in varying shades of dark...and they called to me.Loudly. 'Hey, Christine, come on, you know we're your size, you know that you have been wanting to try another colour that is not a variant of basic black! Come on, buy me. BUY ME!" I wavered at first; I mean, me, in pants in any colour other than black?? No freakin' way! But they continued to tease me, to lure me further away from my midnight comfort zone, and that's when I decided that I had nothing to lose( and the fact that they were marked down to $4.00 didn't hurt , either!). So buy them I did, and I didn't give a second thought as to what my butt would look like in them, didn't get all shaky with all black withdrawals; I wore them today(with a black turtleneck. Yeah, yeah, give me a break! I am not giving up black all together!), and I liked them! I really liked them! I liked the way I looked. I felt different; for once, I didn't feel like the angel of death, and I swear, I walked a little more confidently today. Magic pants, I don't think so, but I am glad that I decided to walk on the wild side, let my guard down a bit.
And who knows? Maybe I'll find a bitchin' pair of red trousers, and when I do, watch out, world!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

ALRIGHT!!! Mihos(I) for Governor! Thank-you, Christy! Posted by Picasa