Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Remember This?


I know nothing about Golden Earring, have no idea what else they sang,(except for Radar Love) but I LOVE this song and video. And really, it's a pretty damn good video made in, I believe, '81 or '82. Actually, alot of the videos back then were pretty cool(but believe me, not all- check out VH1's classic station to catch some good ones,and some really really crappy ones!) because that was an excellent way for a new band to become known, and hell, MTV was in it's infancy, so it was an excellent combination. Man, that was an exciting time! I mean, Don Kircshner's(sp) Rock Concert would show videos, or StarCase would, but the showing of them was sporadic at best, and I seem to recall that StarCase showed Dire Straits video for SkateAway incessantly ; maybe it was the only one they had? I dunno, but it was such a freakin blast to be 17/18 and be able to watch videos from fave bands and soon to be faves nonstop, lying on the living room floor, feet wiggling and tapping to the beat while tucked under the spindly legs of the old woody television set. It was cool to be at that age where I could really appreciate the shiny newness of MTV, and New Wave, and skinny ties and lots of stripes and spiked hair and safety pins as earrings and the brash boldness of a teenager coming into the fukll bloom of 'her' decade.....Some people dismiss pop culture as a waste of time, vacuous, and not really an integral part of the more important picture, but to that I say, ummm Hello, anybody home??? It all intertwines to create history; can't have history without all of the components, whether they be incredibly seriously important, or as not too terribly important as a Golden eearring video,but way more fun and viable just the same.
~ oh, and being that I am of the female persuasion, another reason for loving this video is that the lead singer was/is incredibly gorgeous, stunning even.

Remember this one??? http://youtube.com/watch?v=JgnJoxh1sT0&search=u2-a%20celebration Holy shit!! I haven't seen this in 24 years, thought I never would again....too friggin' COOL!!!!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Phillies SUCK!!!

~ for two reasons~
1) because the wickedpissa Red Sox just beat them 5-3 courtesy of a two run homer by Big Papi in the 10th, and some fantastic pitching by Papelbon!!!
2) because of their panty-waisted ball-less( and I mean the anatomical variety) pitcher Myers, who seems to think it's okay to give his wife a whack- see story here http://philadelphia.phillies.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article.jsp?ymd=20060623&content_id=1519359&vkey=news_phi&fext=.jsp&c_id=phi- what a creep. And IMHO, the Phillies should have yanked him from today's roster, if for no other reason than out of respect for humanity in general. I mean, any man that hauls off and whacks a woman, (unless it's in self defense, which this clearly wasn't), obviously is a spineless bottom feeder who deserves to be some big scary inmates bitch , if only for a short time.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

23 days...

til vacation!!!!
til no work
no supermarkets
no voicemail
for an entire 9 days!!!

thank God

Friday, June 16, 2006

I heard from a dear old friend recently(no, not old age-wise, old in like, we've been friends for 6 years old), and he asked me if I were still writing, as in poems. Maybe he misses them? Or was it just idle chit-chat? Not sure, and if it was just a case of the idles, that's alright, too, but that question got me to thinking about how it has been a long time since I have felt the desire, need , urgency to create something. I mean, compared to my previous writing habits, I have been stone cold and far from inspired for what seems like ages. Could it be that in the infancy of my writings, the words spilt forth like water let loose from an errant hole in a stony dam because they were so long held back, and the newness of it all was exciting and it spurred me forth to create with abandon, regardless of the finished product? Do I think too much/worry too much now of how this word sounds with that one, do I try to hard to be understood, or the opposite, try to be too oblique? Do I rack my brain wondering why I rack my brain about not being able to rattle off witticisms and what not, and THAT is thr root cause of my Sahara spell?? Who the f@**@ knows! MAYBE, just MAYBE I should stop worrying about the quality of what hits the screen from the clunky taps of my fingers, and just...write, huh? I'm sure my muse will return, IF and only IF I employ the above. So screw it- here's what populated my brain today, take it or leave it, WHATEVER! =)

I have thinking of a list of singers/performers out today that, imho, really suck; I mean, to the point that when I hear their song come on, I CRINGE and WINCE until the blasted song comes to a not too soon enough end. Just change the station, you say, or simply shut off the radio and stop whining? No can do- the offending crap I make reference to plays on the Muzak systems in the stores that I service for my job. I have no control over the situation. So shy of talking too myself loud enough to drown out the Muzak, I am forced to listen. Here is what has been causing some major ear-bleeds as of late:

anything by John MAYER. UUGGHHH!! Can the guy sing above a whisper? Can he sing anything that is remotely interesting? His voice makes my throat hurt! I know that he is probably more interested in the demographic that lies somewhere between the Hoodsies and the mid- 30's crowd, as is evidenced by his video for that awful song called, I think it was Daughters. Want a good laugh? Watch this one; I mean, if he tried to contort his full, girly lips into anymore of a ~kiss me aren't I pretty~pout, he would have squeezed those suckers clear off of his face! It really is too funny, in a highly annoying sorta way.
That song by Dido(Dido??) about 'going down with this ship'. I hear this about 6 times a day, which is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much. The words to the song are really okay, but Dido's (what the hell is a Dido??) voice is weak, which pretty much kills the beauty of anything she may sing. Like fingers on a chalkboard, this one.
Jessica Simpson's rendition of 'Take my Breath Away'. I do NOT see why she is acclaimed as such a great singer; half the time, she sounds like she is on the throne, straining! Awful Awful, Awful! That gruesome straining affect is really evident on that 'Angel' song. Perhaps she DOES have a really good voice, but until she gets out of her own way, the world will never know. And really, that's not such a bad thing, is it?
anything by Avril Lavigne. Maybe if she stopped pissing and moaning about how hurt she has been made to feel in the past by seemingly indifferent and cruel guys , then maybe one or two would stick around, if she'd LET them and treat her right? Every song of hers sounds like a damn feminazi anthem. Blech!!!
Sheryl Crow. Good songwriter, and can't deny her talent, but her voice is way too whiny for me. I wouln't mind if they played 'Steve McQueen'; that song is cool, and in it, she has no opportunity to whine. But no- the powers that be at these stores have decided that they like to hear 'Soak up the Sun' a bazillion times. Please.
And lastly, there is a song that is sung by a man( if you can call him that) where he cries and carries-on about his gal either not loving him, or not noticing him or whatever... I imagine it is supposed to appeal to all of the members of the fairer, more emotional set, but if my guy started going on like this guy does, I'd have to slap him upside the head like Cher in Moonstruck and tell him to 'Snap out of it'!! You'll know the song when you hear it( it's a staple at Stop and Shop's everywhere); it screams WUSS!! loud and clear.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Do you have one of these at home??

I have three Jeremy's at home- here's proof:

I was taking the oldest to CVS, so that he could buy a grad card for his friend, and then I was dropping him off at the party. Just after getting into the car, he asks if I can write a check for his friend, you know, as a grad present. I say no, I don't have my checkbook with me( it stays at home), and that was that. Or so I thought. Then my own personal Jeremy asks if I can pay him back $20.- tomorrow, seeing as he wants to give his friend $20.- in the card. ????? The way I understand it, a person only pays back what they owe- I did not borrow $20.- from my soon to be 18 year old oldest, so why should I have to pay him back? And he was serious. The logic is lost on me, but not his intent. He just did not want to spend his own money. It was ok for me to be out twenty bucks, but not him!
So I say, No, you can use your own money, as he has a job and earns enough to save some weekly, and still have cash left over for fun and junk.I got a small ration of attitude for not complying with his demands, but he got over it fairly quickly, once he saw that I was not going to change my mind. See, I will continue to buy his clothing and food (and no, I do not charge rent), but anything above that is his responsibility. Am I being too tough? Cheap? No; contrary to what he may think, I am not. Kids have this misconception that ATM stands for something akin to Automatically (deposits) Tons (of) Money. I wish that for every 20 or 100 that I withdrew, that the same amount would magically be re-deposited, but unfortunately, it don't work that way!
So, I am assuming that he put his own money into the card, and I am hoping that he's having a great time. But mainly, I am hoping that someday soon, very soon, he( and my other two Jeremy's in training) will finally get it, and give me a break! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 04, 2006

~ Joe Elliot is still damn hot!
~ I can never see Grease( the movie) too many times.
~ When was it announced that baseball hats with ratty ponytails sticking out the back and floodsy athletic pants were anything close to being fashionable or attractive for women on the South Shore( or anywhere else, for that matter)??
~ Aren't 'tip jars' on blogs the equivalent of internet begging?
~ Having kids that can quote lines from The Sound of Music and The Music Man , and that still love to watch said movies is too damn cool.
~ A woman who freely gives her age when asked has my admiration. Posted by Picasa